SHOULD HAVE USED THIS FROM THE START!! | Calmsden Farm | Farming Simulator 22 – Episode 8


Welcome to Calmsden Farm for Farming Simulator 22 ! It’s a very high quality map by Oxygendavid

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Stone Crushing Lime Production With Lights And Solar Panels

LIZARD Subsoiler 6MT/9MT

Music by Epidemic Sound



  1. Hi I have played this game since 17, but not this version. Lost my mojo for playing just before 22's release date. I have watched this series up to and including this one. You seem to be chasing the clock mainly because the much improved AI is the same as it used to be. Three game days and 5 times speed is still a short time for a single person to play seasons with an unreliable AI. I really like this map, so I went back to steam and looked in to buying it. $49.99 for the base game for me ATM is too much. So I will get my fix watching you and a few others. Yes I know I still have FS 19 but I really like this map.

  2. (Sorry if I’m repeating someone) From what I seen on the title of this clip, it is easy to say should of used it from the beginning. hindsight is 20/20. Marvellous series by the way.

  3. I really hope that one day giants will sort out better intelligence for the workers so you could set way points on a map so they know were to go or that they follow lines and contours of fields etc would make it much realistic and not such a hassle of continuous checking up on them and clean up that much. I have multiple ideas for it but now idea how to program etc to make a mod or something like that..

  4. I'm still catching up. To answer, I like the stone picking – lime spreading, and from what I've seen/read, they only need to be done every 3 years in game. I think common sense would expect a lot of repetitive work getting a new farm set up! And I for one, like seeing it done properly.

  5. about the youtube processing. I think it actually dossent get stuck. ive been in situations where i have uploaded 4K videos to YT. and the processing ending up taking about 3-4 hours to be complete. cuz it will do the SD and HD processing whitin like an hour. but for the UHD processing can take quite some time in my experience.

    now i will say that this was in 21:9 WideScreen Ration, and 60FPS IRL Fotage. so not the same ratio as you but still can be something to consider beeing a cause

  6. I think it is your pedals stopping your cruise control. There's been a few times you've stopped, but your tractor has rolled on like the pedal is being pressed slightly. It did it in this video when you just emptied the stone picker.

  7. well i only activate stone picking if i need lime, cause at some point it gets stupid, if you have a few field, all you do is, spend 4 rl hours with stone picking, NO THANK YOU. 😀 And also, on Deer Creek, i had a field, where in ONE line up the field, i picked 2000l of stone, imagine doing this with a bsae game stone picker….

  8. Hey Daggerwin, I understand the frustrations with uploading to YouTube. After an hour or 2 editing to then spend another few hours trying to get it to upload to YouTube was why I stopped producing content. I just don't have the time to wait that long for 1 half hour video. I even tried 15 min timelapse videos, and that still takes an age! Thank you for sticking with it though, your videos are fantastic 👌


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