SIX ASHES #22 PS5! / TRANSFERENCE! / Farming Simulator 19 Let’s Play FS19


SIX ASHES #22 PS5! / TRANSFERENCE! / Farming Simulator 19 Let’s Play FS19. Map by: GBModding. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. A new day. A new console. A new system to learn! Work continues regardless. I have egg boxes to collect and deliver, sheep to move and buy and bales to transfer over to our new site at CJ farms. Some tweaking will be required to get all my settings back to where they once were. Please be patient.

Music (if used) is from YouTube’s free library.



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  1. I was having a ton of issues with the bale trailer. Autoloader stacked them crooked. And the Bales moved a lot with the straps on

  2. Love it MrSealyP, commenting on the right hand drive Landie, then getting in from the left not once but twice close after!

  3. The sad part of ps5 is that by me well 57 miles from me is Chicago and on release day 5 ups drivers where robbed at their delivery spots delivering the game system 1 driver was shot she did survive

  4. Here in the states they have a special forklift that attaches to the back of a trailer so it can be used at the delivery site. I'm picturing that merlot lifting itself up while hooked into the back bales 🤣
    Beware the swing on that behind! 🤣

  5. What’s the monitor thing that you use for the silage bales? I haven’t seen it before and I’m wondering how you get it

  6. Hi a question that may have already been asked….is it the PS4 game/disc you area playing on the ps5 or has a ps5 version been released
    Keep up the great work with your videos

  7. There is a tri axle livestock trailer mod for vehicles much like the ifor Williams ideal for English maps and land rovers😏

  8. This Let's play on Six ashes has got me back into Farming sim. They are superb to watch. Keep up the great vids

  9. Started watching SealyEG channel today and the co op Hollandscheveld lets play and was wondering if its possible to invite her to Six Ashes for a day visit to help out that would be cool. Always remember to Smash that like button my dudes. Great stuff.

  10. Shame about the hayloft.
    Definitely an improvement graphics and feel of speed when driving.
    Hope the cold clears up quickly 🙏
    Loving the lets play

  11. Sounds good looks fine. Still unsure if I’m going to get one or a new game pc. But very happy the side panel still works that would have been enough to go pc.

  12. Which ps5 did you get with or without internal memory hoping to get one for my 50th birthday still don’t really have any idea which one is better?great video has usual definitely looked better quality and sound was good too 👍🏼

  13. Not sure if it’s YouTube making the vid on a better setting or the ps5. Need a bit of a comparison tbh.

  14. Congratulations on the upgrade to PS5, it is annoying how the mods you had don't carry over in save, I had the same issue when I downloaded the free addition from playstation plus so from disc to digital I lost all mods I had but some that I got from mod hub vanished, the are not on mod hub anymore.

  15. I remember well the change over from Xbox 360 to Xbox one S whilst playing GTA5 the difference was immense absolutely totally different & your comment sounded like you was trying to find a improvement & you was questioning a change which frightens me is it FS19 or is it the console & is Xbox going to be the same?????????

  16. In regards to mods and them not clearing out etc after youbhave deleted them i found you had to go through each save game and make sure that mod was NOT selected, re-save your games and then delete said mod and it clears out fine et

  17. How can it look any different? It's the same graphics engine the game has been made to it's not a remastered game so the graphics are just the same the game has to be at least patched for it to even consider being better in graphics, the loading times may be quicker but that's about it, as if giants have done all that already, sorry to say it looks the exact same to me


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