Starting Over On Calmsden Farm! | Farming Simulator 22


Starting Over On Calmsden Farm! (Calmsden Ep 10)
Let’s Play FS22 – Farming Simulator 22

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0:00 – Intro
0:24 – Episode 10
20:14 – Outro

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  1. i wonder if you set the cow barn up to have 10 million liters as well, it does look like it is filled to about 10% with 1 million liters and it is a silo after all

  2. My new game save with the update seems to have caused problems with Courseplay, Delete menu to hire /dismiss flashes on and off constantly. The previous save before the update is fine?

  3. Im about to start again after the update aslo 😆 yeah I'm with you later horses 🐎 . Have to say though I'm surprised that grapes seems to be the least favorite thing lol considering all the hype before realase

  4. I know things like this take time to get us all the tractors and what not but hurry upppppppp lol love your show gonna buy me a shirt Saturday and the game is the best I've ever played this year thank u for all u guys do fore us .keeping us up to date if it wasn't for u guys I would be lost and wouldn't probably even played the game thank u much love


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