The Agricultural Esport You Never Knew Existed – Pro Farming Simulator


Farming Simulator isn’t what comes to mind when one thinks about esports. However, while it initially may sound mundane, this game of cultivating and harvest crops actually has developed a competitive scene that can become quite intense once you get into it.

Competitive Farming Simulator events have quietly existed for several years both online and at various events, but recently its developer Giants Software decided to put support into the community and launch the Farming Simulator League.

This is the story of Farming Simulator esports. For more info:

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  1. Did you expect this game to have a competitive scene? What other titles do you think we should take a look at in future videos?

  2. it's nice to see the devs actually care so much for their esports scene and willing to hear from their community and fans. unlike some devs.

  3. You know, it's kinda funny that a farming simulator manages to get a relatively successful eSports scene while so many other games designed for it (eSports) flopped. Battlefield V comes to mind.

  4. Hey farming simulator! Why don't you try and make a competitive farming tournament and include Sephiroth and some zombies??? Oh and make it a free to play battle royal while you're at it.

  5. This is just mindblowing to me… well I guess no matter what type of game is in question and if it has enough support and popularity, it CAN become an esport.


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