THE COWS HAVE STARTED! LOADS GOING ON | Attingham Park | Farming Simulator 22 – Episode 12


Chainsaw100’s Video –
Attingham Park co-op multiplayer with Chainsaw100 on Farming Simulator 22
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IMT Tractor

Case Puma

Massey Ferguson 6S

A huge thank you to GB Modding for allowing us to create this series on his map.

Music by Epidemic Sound



  1. With just you and Chainsaw it didn’t work as it wasn’t really coop, you just were playing the same map and hardly interacted.
    It’s so much better with the new guys as they get involved with both of you and you see the interaction on chat too. Saved the series for me.

  2. I would love to see a mini series where you are not allowed any new vehicles, only used vehicles. that would be interesting to see how and what you would grow and harvest

  3. I have trailers moving about on me too when im loading up bales from my grass feild. I thought it was just the modded trailer I use but seeing your basegame one doing the same makes me feel a little better XD

  4. Dagger, as F36 is a bit too awkward-shaped, I suggest you sell it to fund another field or use it for productions when you have the cash. Some other fields like 30, 29, 33 or those in the centre of the map are better to work in.

  5. Daggerwin can anyone join your multiplayer series cause none of my friends will play with me and it’s boring sometimes playing by myself

  6. Just a suggestion, but you should consider buying chickens for the back garden of the house, because you can put them in there and start getting a few eggs from them.

  7. 18:10 looks like some serious coin for harvesting field 15. And you could be cheeky and use the borrowed equipment from the current contract to harvest the other one if its the same header that is needed, or borrow equipment again and have 2 people harvesting.


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