This video looks at the top 10 new features coming to Farming Simulator 22. Will Farming Simulator 22 meet the very high expectations that have been set on it, we will soon find out.

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  1. Can't wait for someone makes a vid on setting up t300 side panel and duel thrustmaster joystick,had it set up in old game but this one is a challenge

  2. This game is not stable. Constant fps drop even though I have the latest hardware. No matter what settings, it continuously does an fps drops which is annoying.

  3. Wonder how much the guy got that made the mod from start. Because season thing showing in the game is a copy from the mod

  4. I'm kind of annoyed that your character is invisible the whole playthrough I hope they fix that in Farming Simulator 22

  5. Wow new features in a "new" game charging 40€ for the game and a whopping 40€ for the season pass (yes same price as the game) and if you read what is included it sounds like some minor things, they are not a developer i would support.

    They had a decade to make a better farming simulator and it's still lacking.

  6. i have not played farming simulator since the very first game. I can't wait too jump in on the 22nd and see how much has changed. Looking forward to ̶r̶u̶n̶n̶i̶n̶g̶ ruining my farm. I will be like clarkson, except nobody to guide me 😀

  7. I think they should make it so that of you try to join a server but don't have the required mods, you are able to download all of the ones they are using at once if you have enough space

  8. The extra year was because of the Pandemic and they stated that at the time. That is why we got the new map and DLC instead.

  9. I never played farming simulator earlier but in interested in FS22.
    I have a question about detail, does equpment and veichles get dirty or do they always look shiny new?
    Does veichles leave tracks and deform ground soil etc ?


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