THESE COWS ARE HUNGRY! – Farming Simulator FS22 Somerset Farms Ep 15


Mixing the first tmr for the cows, turns out they need a lot! Also first harvest of the new soybean field.
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Music List:
1: MX 7000 – Lupus Nocte
2: My Kind of a Woman (Instrumental Version) – Gamma Skies
3: Nalen – Harvio
4: Nanda Devi – Ooyy

Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

Mod List:
Somerset Farms Map –

GPS Guidance Steering –

Cultivator Field Creator –

Collect Straw At Missions –

Rolland Pack –

Free Landscaping Tools –



  1. Any chance you can make us a playlist of all your tracks ! Always makes me want to go out and get blasted every week listening to these tunes 😂

  2. Great vid my dude.
    I think you'd do well to hook up to your bale wrapper and take it with you the next time you go to Calm Lands and leave it over there, then bring the one from over there back over here. You need the little bale rollie over tool thingy far worse in Calm Lands than you do Somerset.
    Also, I would invest in a larger mixer wagon the soonest you can. And I won't hate on ya if you were to buy 8-12 silage bales from the store.
    I forget the field numbers, but on the east- northeast side of the map, up bear where you've gotta silo right next to a sale point, are those grass fields there? They were the last couple times I played the map, but maybe it varies. But, given that hay is far more easier to produce, maybe your next grass cut should go to all silage?
    I dunno why I'm telling you shit, you've been playing this far longer than I have 😆😉

  3. Hey chainsaw just thought I let u know that some one on tiktok is using ur content I don't know if u have given him permission or not, just thought I'd let u know


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