Today we go over my top 20 requests for Farming Simulator 21, or what ever it will be called.

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  1. I would love to rent fields instead purchasing it new. Having irrigation either booms or pipes or winch. Overheating issues with tractors that will not have enough horse power to pull equipment. Better graphics and add better fendt tractors. I’m a farmer my self and love the fendt tractors.

  2. More of a construction side to create our own barns for livestock, or machinery, such as cranes and excavators and dump trucks like the brand Volvo and Caterpillar. More semi brands, Kenworth, Peterbuilt, Freightliner. Semi dump and flat bed trailers by East. Creating own pastures by buying pallets or bundles of T-posts and barbed wire and drive around with your supplies in the back of your UTV or a trailer on an ATV for livestock.

  3. Can we have and actual like massyferguson swather/mower/cutter just something like that not a mod tho like already built into the game

  4. Another request would be to have video that correlates to what you’re talking about instead of a loop of FS cinematic. Would make the overall video more immersive and understandable.

  5. It’d be cool to see some older equipment in the base-game. Farmall, Allis-Chalmers, Minneapolis-Moline and Oliver. Also maybe an IH Axial-Flow

  6. Be able to hire a contractor to do work on your own fields because you might not own that piece of equipment or rent equipment

  7. The repair/maintainmet of equipment should be like sleeping you need to change oil well that’s gonna take an hour (fast forwarded like sleeping) or you broke something big so now you have to do 8 hours and you shouldn’t be able to use is as sleeping so you need to actually sleep x hours a day/ 2 days or you can’t work on your equipment between 00:00 and 07:00

  8. how about improved AI farmers and the ability to actually see them working their fields, so you aren't the only farmer on the map that works. And also an improvement to the handling of pallets, because now you just go right through them or they just phase through your pallet forks, making them stick to your forks.

  9. Something nice that would work well with used equipment would be to also pad out lower end and smaller tractors and equipment to make starting from zero a viable playstyle.

    For farm management, it should also include hired hands as more real entities that you, find, hire and works for you rather than spawned out of thin air whit actual character models that needs to go about the map to do your bidding to make the game feel alive and realistic.

  10. Pto all have the same hitch size but they are build for different amounts of rpm. Modern tractors have different pto gears so you can switch to different rpm and use every type of pto

  11. I would like some like construction equipment like excavators and stuff because if there’s forestry which is basically not farming then why not add construction things and also diggable ground

  12. I want to see the follow me option for when you are moving equipment you don’t have to make 50 trips to get everything to the field


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