🔴 LIVE – Early Preview Gameplay – Big Equipment Time – Platinum DLC – FS22


We’ve had some fun looking at some of the key aspects of the new Platinum DLC for Farming Simulator 22 over the last couple of days, tonight we’re going to test some of the bigger equipment and get some big trees down to the sawmill.

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🔴 LIVE – Early Preview Gameplay – Big Equipment Time – Platinum DLC – FS22

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  1. I had a thought for the Autodrive and/or CoursePlay mod author(s) if it would be possible, specifically for yarders: a function that would have the winch auto connect to any cut trees in range and auto haul them to the top, drop them to be picked up, rinse and repeat until you are done in the area. If we want to look at if it is immersive or not, the logic behind this is that since you have to hire a worker for the yarder tractor, they are the ones doing the connecting and detaching for the logs, as IRL there would be someone operating the yarder while someone else does the cutting and stripping . Just an idea that I had that if someone with the the coding chops to do this feature, it would streamline the process and be a very welcome addition to this dlc

  2. I've been holding off on getting a HOSAS setup for Star Citizen but then I've been watching your Live VODs and I couldn't stop myself from ordering a set of Virpl Constellation Alpha Prime's to do some logging with. They're on backorder so hopefully I have them before Christmas!


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