FS22 | A ‘COMPLETE’ GUIDE TO… COWS! | Farming Simulator 22 | INFO SHARING PS5.


BUILDINGS, FEED MIXES & ROBOTS! FS22 | A ‘COMPLETE’ GUIDE TO… COWS! | Farming Simulator 22 | INFO SHARING PS5. GIANTS Software. Let’s take a look at COWS! What equipment do we need? What buildings? What do we need to give them? Which breeds are for milk? Which breeds are for beef? Take a look with me… MrSealyp.


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  1. For newcomers watching this, Hay calculates as being just as good for production as feed as TMR. There are no downsides and milk production ends up being the same.
    Hay is easier, so there is no reason to go to the trouble of using TMR.

  2. I just got cows and have went about 3 months with them from babies and they won’t produce milk. I feed them hay and give them straw for bedding. Do they have to be a certain age to start producing milk?

  3. Thanks for the tut matey, not sure if I missed it, how do you sell the cows, can you just click on them and sell or have to load them up and take them, can you choose which cow to sell? cheers.

  4. I've been revisiting your guides after a hiatus of FS. The one thing I always thought was missing on these vids was a summary/conclusion on the major points, especially since the vid is 51 mins long, you're testing things on the fly.

    That being said, great vid (even for the 2nd time watching it) and thank you for doing this.

  5. I am new to FS22 and have just started with cows using the "Fenceless Husbandries" Mod, and the trigger point is on the same point as in the video @15.16. Just weird. thanks for all the videos btw keep them up.

  6. My whole reason for searching this video, to find out where the hell the water gos lol didn’t know it was including in the Ma’s regular cow barns now, kind of don’t like that feature to be honest but 🤷🏻‍♂️ thanks for the helpful video!

  7. I sit fertilizer bags inside my little fert spreader for the same effect. my spreader is full but once I've used some I can refill without stopping. I sit two bags inside the spreader and one bag sits perfectly in between tractor and spreader on the bar. I can do all fertilizing jobs in one trip without stopping :). my crop protection vehicle holds liquid herb and fert on top of it like it's made for it as well. seeders have spots where you climb up and put the seed in , you can sit bags of seeds on that. buggar going back to the shop or farm all the time


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