🔴BIG NEWS! What's next for Kederk Farms? Let's chat while finishing out the year on Royalton, MN


Talking about some exciting news and what’s coming next here on the channel while we wrap up the year on Royalton, MN

#FarmingSimulator #FS19 #PrecisionFarming

Precision Farming with Anhydrous by JS Mapping:

Royalton, MN map created by OS Mapping and updated by TJ Customs FS19 Edits:

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  1. Hey man fairly new to the channel but Royalton is how I found you and I love your channel and I'm glad you are going full time you deserve it, would have watched live but had to go to work

  2. Sorry I missed the stream, but congrats on taking the step to full time, I'm sure you are going to make every opportunity a winner!!!

  3. nice stream, nice to see you go full time on content…on around the world stuff I have a series going that does just that, started in Ireland, just finished Scotland and flying to Poland to start that series..it's fun to see farming around the world and research tools and techniques for those countries..

  4. That is awesome!!! I watch and learn everyday practically now. Thanks man you have made a very enjoyable game even more.


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