CHELLINGTON VALLEY #21 – NO TELLING! – Farming Simulator 19 Let's Play Survival FS19


While the boys are hard at work, Juli takes an extra day off to care for a friend. That doesn’t stop me from paying her a visit, though.

CHELLINGTON VALLEY #21 – NO TELLING! – Farming Simulator 19 Let’s Play Survival FS19

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Farming Simulator 19 by Giants Software
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  1. Great video! That was a really nice thing you did for Julie. I want to know flower names please.

  2. Great vid Harv. You realise with your current series in Chellington and Ravensberg you are setting the bar very high for your next series. We won't accept any lowering of the content quality. The plant that every part of is poisonous is called Monkshood / wolfsbane. Funny enough it was used in a murder back in 2012 in an area I used to cover near Heathrow Airport. Some dear lady used it in her lovers curry to kill him.


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