EUREKA FARMS Ep 20 | SPEED COTTON | Let’s Play Farming Simulator 19 FS19.


EUREKA FARMS Ep 20 | SPEED COTTON | Let’s Play Farming Simulator 19 FS19. Modhub. PS5. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. Map By: TNTmodding. With a few changes made and a substantial amount of contracts completed, it’s time to harvest my cotton field… With a twist! Thanks to Alex, who suggested this to me a little while ago.

MODS: Lizard Continental By: Vector Man, Silo Wood By: Oma Tana, Roadrunner+ By: Mantrid, Multi Silo Shop By: C+S Modding/Annmarie, Tool Height Control For Harvester By: DDModPassion, Lizard Three-Point Hitch Drawbar By: ar1g3, Farmhouse Doormat By: Alien Jim, Lizard Front Lifter By: Peppe978, TLX 2020 + TLX 48ft Tanker Trailer + TLX 9000 By: 82Studio (pzonako), John Deere 2410 Plow By: J.A.Modding, Placeable Factories pack By: erShaba, New Holland T9 Series By: KMN Modding, LizardP Pack (RAT200) By: DD ModPassion, Mixed Ration For Cows + Sweeper By: raulycristi1, Liquid Silo + Slurry yard By: MISSYB and Foo Farmer, Slurry yard By: MISSYB, Lone Oak Cow Husbandry By: gForce_modding/Oxygendavid/BulletBill/LoneWolf, Field Creator Pack By: Holger Sengstock, Eurospand Pack (OBE Spreader Pack) By: Black eyes modding,

Music (if used) is from YouTube and Sharefactory’s free libraries. Sunny Travel By: Nico Staf (YouTube).

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  1. The cotton harvester won’t unload itself because there is no worker hired. Just as if u were operating it normally, you have to unload it yourself when it’s full.

  2. Not sure if it may be YouTube messing around. Today another youtuber I follow posted 2 videos and a livestream. I got no notifications for the videos and they didn’t appear in my subscriber list. I have now watched both of them but still only one is showing on the subscriber screen. It’s all very odd.

  3. I'm subscribed and YT hasn't been showing me your videos lately. Had to come and look for this. As for mod reviews, I stopped watching them. Not anything to do with you or the mod review, it's because the mods are not exciting anymore. I've got the mods I want downloaded and don't need another 3m cultivator or a trailer.

  4. Busy days on Eureka farms! That trick is absolutely genius! Not sure how long this lets play will go on, but I do enjoy seeing some of the tricks the community has learned!

  5. That cotten harvesting was insane I wonder if u could do that with a potato harvester I think u will find wool prices in real life is just as bad thats y sheep farmers r dumpping there wool can u do sugar beet and potato harvest thanks 4 g8 vid

  6. Absolutely bonkers cotton harvest, had me smiling and laughing MrSealyp the whole thing has been a joy to watch you doing the bonkers things

  7. I just found you a few weeks ago and have been binge watching everything 6 ashes-Rasvet-eureka farms. I'll bet the drop is due to YT metrics somehow – your easygoing mannerisms make for a relaxing and enjoyable viewing experience. Keep up the great work! — Oh – and this cotton harvest is hilarious!

  8. @MrSealyp did you solved your sound problem on the roadrunner yet? If not check your engine configuratiion. If it says 950hhh change it to 950h and then the enginebreak sound should by quieter. Love your channel and eureka. Just got it in time before the update. Keep up the good work. 👍🏻

  9. MrSealyp, lovely speedy cotton harvest mode..🙂
    Now I’m wondering can regular harvesters do the same for the other crops..🙂🙂 sugar beet an spuds too

  10. Isn't the tipping point when you own all fields on the map and do a final harvest with different crops, MrSealyP?!? I'm enjoying your videos so extremely much! <3 <3 <3
    We have to get you up to over 100k subs so you can have a better contact with YT. So subscribe all viewers and tell your friends to do so also, please! If you notice some surely false uploads then report the channel to YT for investigation!

  11. just a theory on your views being halved. A great deal of the mods are similar to others and its getting a bit boring.

  12. Well that was different personally rent 3 cotton harvesters and let them go. But It did make me giggle. Keep up the great content Mr P


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