Making Woodchips & Clearing Land – Crater Lake #18 Farming Simulator 19 Timelapse


FS19 Making woodchips and clearing land is the next part in the Crater Lake timelapse series. We start the day off clearing trees from our land to open up space for new fields to be plowed in next year. Once we sell a few loads of logs we invest in a new trailer and woodchipper so we can start chipping the offcuts of logs. We also buy a new area of land and build a new woodchip sell point ready for when we come to sell the woodchips over Winter.

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  1. For $250K you can get the AgraZ Pellet Press building and turn wood chips into wood pellets and sell them at AgraZ LandTrade for roughly $800-$1300 on Easy. Makes woodchips much more worth it to sell.

  2. Hey sim, hope everything is well. Don’t listen to the people saying you need to post another video. Don’t rush yourself to post. If you need a break take a break, you deserve it.

  3. whether there was traffic on the willamina forest map when you played on this map whether there was traffic or not ?

  4. Where do you get your pig farm on no man’s land. I tried to find it and I downloaded the mf shed pack but it was not there? Can you please help me

  5. This is my favorite series your doing atm. Just curious on how many hrs of gameplay you squeeze into these 15 minute videos.

  6. I agree that the standard wood chip price is way too low. For a load of 48,000 l, I would get 9 – 10,000. Not really worth it. Always fun to watch and try to play along.

  7. i really like this series @ Crater Lake. i wouldnt ever play this map..however, i just enjoy watching SIms art come to life.

  8. Amo assistir essa série, muito legal, modo de construção sempre excelente!!! 👏👏👏♥

  9. One thing I’ve learned after watching sim for over a year now is that there is not a lot of farming in his videos… but I still like em and his videos are way better than all the other ones I’ve seen like modest or glaxx so I’ll stay watching these videos 🙂 keep up the good work bro 👍


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