? LIVE – Map First Look – The Oaks – New 4x British Map – FS22


Today we’re doing a showcase of the new “The Oaks” map for Farming Simulator 22. Created by Farm Sim Brisco this is his first ever map for Farming Simulator, he has poured over 1000 hours into it and I’m very much looking forward to showing you around.

The map is a 4x (4km x 4km) and is PC only. Check out Farm Sim Brisco’s itch.io page to download it –

@ArgsyGaming has also done an excellent map tour going into a lot of detail too. Check it out here:

If you like what you see please give me a sub and like the video, it would be much appreciated.

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? LIVE – Map First Look – The Oaks – New 4x British Map – FS22

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  1. hello fsg…i play this map 2 days now but i see lot of flickering in the trees on the background is that normal??the trees blincking like xmas…can not explain it but your trees are normal green…

  2. Maps with such tight field's with barriers and trees and fences totally suck. You cant use huge machinery on these types of maps or course play because everything is so DAM tight!

  3. Started in farm manager and bought land #91 I didn’t place anything down other than a shop, diesel tank and the all in one fertilizer/lime/seeds etc and I’m getting a MISC payment of a few million randomly every month or two hahah I wouldn’t mind but I’m trying to start kind of small

  4. Anyone else getting massive frame loss when you send a helper on a road route to say the store?? soon as I stop them it goes back to locked 60FPS and it's 1% when i use helpers to drive the vehicles on the roads

  5. I've been playing on this for a few days now and very impressed. I like the fact that unlike a lot of maps you can delete a lot of the buildings and silos if you want to make changes. I recommend people get the "more animal husbandaries" mod if you want to change things around as it is already maxed out and it has pens at the animal dealer for added effect, but they take up a lot of slots and you can't delete them.

  6. Hopefully one day soon I will be over this chronic bronchitis. So I won't miss your live streams. I just would have to stay on the farm with this map. Just wouldn't be able to stay on the left side of road. ? Enjoyed the preview of the map tho. Thanks for sharing it Fsg !

  7. a little question to the bunker unloading, wouldn't it make more sense to unload at the front of the bunker and then the pusher/compactor tractor spreads it out through the full length of the bunker? (first time I really look into all this autodrive stuff) that would also activate the compactor roller from the start and as the bunker gets full the trailers doesn't have to back into the huge pile?

  8. Great map tour FSG he has done a great job making this map I remember going past British sugar once it was huge keep up with the great work as always very impressive look around ????⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  9. As a USA farmer i can finally find a british map that i can play because its hard for me to get rid of my duals on my tractors or combines LOL!!!!! It looks beautiful tho and im excited to give it a go


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