🔴 The NEW Recanto Da Alvorada Brazil Map – Farming Simulator 22 Live


We’re checking out the very cool new map Recanto Da Alvorada, the new Brazillian Map from Connect Modding Group alongside the new Jacto pack that includes a Coffee Harvester and the most Insane Planter I’ve ever seen!

The Map is now released! And can be downloaded from the ModHub

The Jacto Mods are all also available in the ModHub

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Morning Coffee on The NEW Recanto Da Alvorada Brazil Map – Farming Simulator Live

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  1. Connect Modding really "connecting" FS22 with Brazil. Great map with Coffee. Also the work they put in into the Jacto licensing and mods. That dealer is actually a visual representation of a real life dealer in Brazil.

  2. Thank you for covering this video. very good review for sure. One thing I notice with my look at the store with the equipment in my game play, is that that the coffee harvester, shows under harvesters simlar to say a case cearial combine. The other feature on that coffee harvester it has a side pipe, so I wonder if the course play harvester self unload will work.

    i tried a cheat map to test course play but, I ran into the same problem with the course creation that you ran into. your combine moved mine wouldnt move on course play and seemed to lock up my game. I probably have to wait for a future update of course play to test out my theory. It would be phenominal if the self unload harvester setting would work smoothly with coffee harvester.

  3. Damn missed this live, good vid though. I think the coffee is to mimick the weight of the coffee beans before dehusking and after roasting. Once roasted coffee beans very light.


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