1 Minute – How to unlock FPS – Farming Simulator 19/22


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?One minute is all it will take to unlock your FPS in FS19. Thank you for watching! Please note that it should work if you own the game on the Epic Store.



  1. Thanks just picked up the free 2019 version off Amazon Prime Games that linked to the Epic library. Worked perfectly. Now my 6900XT pushing almost a 4k resolution (5120x1440p @ 240hz) is running full speed and getting about avg 100-120fps on Ultra. Of course the motion is far improved. Thank you for the quick to the point video.

  2. i have tried this numerous of times. When in the start menu i hit f3 and it works, but once in the savegame it doesnt? can someone help me please? i have tried putting it on low settings and still giving me 11-16 fps in spots, mainly at the yard or trees

  3. Documents -> My Games -> Open “game” with Notepad -> change “false” for “true” (between “controls” under “development” -> save and exit -> load your game and press F3 to unlock FPS!


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