25 Must Have!! Realistic Mods For Farming Simulator 22 (PC ONLY)


In this video, I show 25 of the best realistic mods for farming simulator 22

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Mods in this video in order ????

1- Advanced Maintenance –
2 – Air Hose Connect Sound –
3 – Automatic MilkSale –
4 – Rapeseed straw –
5 – Disable Turn Off Motor –
6 – driveDistance Script​ –
7 – Dynamic Field Prices –
8 – Dusty Lands Extension –
9 – Easy Development Controls –
10 – Exhaust Extension –
11 – Guidance Steering –
12 – ProSeed –
13 – Increased Diesel Price –
14 – Manual Refueling –
15 – Realistic Refueling –
16 – Increased Fuel Usage –
17 – Lease To Own –
18 – Manual Attach –
19 – Save Player Position –
20 – Real Dirt Color, Tracks, Particles & Fix –
21 – AI Tire Tracks –
22 – Reduced Engine Braking Force –
23 – Net Wrap & Twine Addon –
24 – Unit conversion BETA –
25 – Precision Farming DLC –

4D Modding –

0:00 Intro
1:12 – Advanced Maintenance
3:19 – Air Hose Connect Sound
4:45 – Automatic MilkSale
6:40 – Rapeseed straw
8:41 – Disable Turn Off Motor
9:55 – driveDistance Script​
12:40 – Dynamic Field Prices
14:14 – Dusty Lands Extension
17:19 – Easy Development Controls
21:26 – Exhaust Extension
23:20 – Guidance Steering
25:46 – ProSeed
27:30 – Increased Diesel Price
28:10 – Manual Refueling
29:10 – Realistic Refueling
29:57 – Increased Fuel Usage
30:53 – Lease To Own
33:27 – Manual Attach
34:45 – Save Player Position
35:41 – Real Dirt Color, Tracks, Particles & Fix
37:19 – AI Tire Tracks
38:22 – Reduced Engine Braking Force
39:46 – Net Wrap & Twine Addon
41:49 – Unit conversion BETA
43:39 – Precision Farming DLC
45:20 4D modding, AMG Modding & Oxy shout out!!



  1. Great video!! I have a question about DriveDistance script. How did you adjust the position of Total Miles on the top. Yours is a bit lower than mine but I can't figure out which specs to adjust in XML. Thank you in advance.

  2. Drive distance script looks clean, but I can only wonder how many miles it'll show before it breaks, there's only so much room on the display. For this purpose I use Vehicle Info Mod. Displays mileage, trip, current fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, trip fuel consumption as well as total liters left down to 0.1 liters.

  3. Great video highlighting some great mods there, I’ve been playing FS since FS19 on console which has been pretty good but after seeing how these different mods on pc really makes the game so much more realistic I’m actually ordering a pc tomorrow!

  4. You're videos are great. Just found the Farm Hand recently and I love the personality you have George ?. I play on a console and get bummed at how many mods I can't use when I see all you do. Might have to go the PC route. It's is the game I play most. Anyway, great work and thanks for all the info ?

  5. Your first mod does not reflect realism. I don't know how much experience you have with heavy equipment or even farm machinery, but the equipment is serviced regularly and will see inspection at that time. Not to say a starter can't pack it in….but allowing 50% damage is highly unlikely. Somebody needs to create a mod that will effect equipment to have specific failures …." Randomly" such as a starter , radiator, flat tire…..and assess if it's a warranty claim based on age or something like that. So my tractors or machinery will just be kept up regularly….. !

  6. Great video, already using most of these so feel vindicated ? the one I’ve not used much of yet is Precision Farming as I’m focused on my vineyard currently and it has no impact on grapes -apparently grapes can bring down your environmental score too?

    Would love to see a mod that introduces grape types where you have to take the soil type into account. I know the Emilia Italia guys are working on expanding vineyard stuff so here’s hoping.

    Does the geo in-game affect the soil composition in terms of frequency of type or does that only change the planting / harvesting times do we know?

  7. i love that maintenance one, i wish it was even more advanced though to the stage you can't repair anymore and have to buy a new tractor, also great video, everyone made me immediately download

  8. new to fs22 but a long time fs19 farmer, great video, i am using all of the ones you recommend. made a big difference. also started a google sheets realism sheet. so far it just has a list where you can add the day/monthly temps. and it will give you a ground temp. you can also set the hours that its raining in game on the sheet, it will give you an approx. time you can start back to work. it has no affect on the game, more like you take the readings and see if you can work. cant work if ground froze etc. currently adding a random weather generator to the sheets. jus copy your seasons section of the environment file it will give you a new season section to past into the game. also going to have a tab where you can enter real life weather data and it will generate the file for you to put in game. if anyone has other stuff they would like to see, or want to try it once its ready let me know.

  9. just played FS 22 for first time today on xbox loved it, watched your vids and iv gone and got it straight away for my PC looks so much better and i need the English maps, keep it up mate well done on the vid

  10. The power off the tractor’s in FS22 is also not really realistic
    For example a 350 hp with cvt tractor pulling the largest baller up hill should not struggle to go up hill it would run out of grip and start to slide before it starts to struggle

  11. 4:10 hydraulic lines don’t make a sound, neither does the air feed for the trailer brakes. Only thing that I’ve ever noticed hissing on a tractor is the air brakes when you take your foot off the brake. Think thats already in the game.

  12. Good video. However, I love the FS 22 game. But do not care about realistic game play. For this reason I was a city boy. My family left the farms generation ago following work in the big cities. My grandpa was a farmer. My dad was a factory worker. I remember my dad having and really old walk behind tractor. I do not see anything like that in the game. Do not care due to it would not be fun to play. Working for $3 a day harvesting tobaccos is not anything I was ever interested in.


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