Adding Corn to Our Farm!


Getting help from my neighbor @TheFormalPickle to plant corn in my last field.

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  1. Jeff, you were pulling a plow that requires 550 hp and the tractor you were using is only 450 hp. That's why it was struggling. Also, if you had gone with the Vaderstad Tempo L 16, you could have fertilized and planted at the same time. The planter may not be as wide, but it would still save time over the Great Plains planter you leased.

  2. This was pretty awesome glad to see u play osme more farm sim and wow pickle runs super fast he'd like a track star and keep up the great work much love to you have a good one take care god bless and see ya on the next one

  3. Hello…This game is so relaxing. I play it on xbox occasionally.
    I just got a new computer. And was wondering how yo join your gta v server? And if I can where and do I do? I should know this by now as I been watching you guys for a while but it slips my mind.

  4. Think you should have gotten one of those 4WD articulating jobs to plow with LOL. If you get a bigger mower, can you take that 32 and make a garden tractor puller out of it?


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