Baling and collecting 27 STRAW bales | Animals on Frühling | Farming Simulator 22 | Episode 2


Today we are at Frühling Farm and we have to bale straw we harvested last time. We started with jumping into Styer 6150 CVT and attaching the Krone Comprisma F155 XC baler. After that was done we loaded the baler with bale twine and we headed to the first field. We ended up baling six bales from the first field and we headed to the next one. We baled seven bales from the second field and then we headed to the third field where we also baled seven bales. When that was done we headed to the last field and we baled five straw bales. After we finished with baling we returned back o the farm and washed the tractor and baler and then parked them. Then we jumped into Deutz-Fahr AgroStar 4.78 and switched the bucket for the pallet forks and then we moved two mineral feed pallets in the shed. When that was done we switched the pallet fork for the baler fork and we moved the bales in the shed how we wanted. Then we attached Metaltech DB 20 to the Deutz-Fahr AgroStar 4.78 and headed to the first field to load the bales. When we arrived we parked the trailer in the middle of the field and then detached it from the tractor. After that was done we used the tractor to load the bales onto the trailer. We loaded thirteen bales from the two fields onto the trailer and then we headed to the shed where we unloaded and stacked them. Then we headed to the last two fields and loaded twelve bales onto the trailer and transported them to the shed. After we got them unloaded we washed the tractor and trailer and then parked them. When everything was done we headed inside the house to take a lunch break.

Enjoy the video!


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Intro: Meet me (feat. nož) – mickey valen
Outro: Glude Dreamers
0:11 – 2:51 TheFatRat – Rise Up
2:52 – 5:55 Kisma – Fly Again
5:56 – 9:24 Cartoon – Why We Lose (feat. Coleman Trapp)
9:25 – 12:12 Emdi x Coorby – Lonewolf (feat. Kristi-Leah)
12:13 – 15:11 Clarx & Moe Aly – Healing
15:12 – 17:33 Deflo & Lliam Taylor – Spotlight (feat. AWA)
17:34 – 20:37 Steam Phunk ft. Lydia Ford – Lost in Translation



  1. Hi CamPeR, I'm excited about a new video from one of my favorite maps. It was as always entertaining and funny, the bale trailer you use I also know, have already annoyed me when I want to attach the trailer that the drawbar turns away. I don't know why that's the case, but when you see that in a video, it makes you laugh and so it was with me. You inspire me with your videos, thank you for that Keep up the good work. CamPeR, you played in the 19er with Kedex together on the Farm Bergmann these videos with both of you I am watching right now, please play here in the 22er again with him on the farm Bergmann that would be so great thank you

  2. Très beau le travail The CamPeR tu à créer 27 bottes de paille 🌾 et tu ramasse des bottes de paille avec la chargeuse avant du tracteur 🚜🚨 | Super Vidéo 💖😊


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