Farming Simulator 23 for Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android


On May 23 2023 Giants Software will release Farming Simulator 23 for Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS adding three new crops, chickens, visually changing seasons, plowing, weeding, two new maps and much much more.

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  1. This is going to be nice I like FS20 and this looks like it brings a lot more to the table for us to do when we are away from home. Thanks for the video and informative update.

  2. Im hoping to hell this isnt another watered down verson like fs 20 was😒 which was for switch and mobile, idk why they seemed to go backwards. I want the same options that fs for nintendo switch had, ( which was based off of fs17 as i hear), i want the option to play as a female since that is my gender ( and i find it kind of disturbing that some are against it, it does not matter the player is for the most part invisible, farm sim themselves even said way back in the day they wantwd to be more inclusive and diversive, seems to me some gamers are against that and thats really pathetic..

    also im hoping we can do some customizaron of our character, that'd be nice, also…hoping we can do more than just farm and grow crops, buy bigger land and just grow more crops. FS for the switch ( basically fs17) it also had a reason for wanting to make more money because you could buy decorations to place around the farm and make it your own. I realllly want that back!! cuz whats the piont of buying more land if you can't atleast change and make it your own. As much as i love growing crops and making money from it i want a good reason for that or else im not going to find much reason to keep on playing in the long term or keep on coming back, if if i know its just going to be the same old song and dance..

  3. Hi, FS22 is a great game to play and there is so many mods. I think a little bid to must.
    1) I wood like to see the dashboard in the vechile work like reel.
    2). Give us a skottle plows in 2,4,6,8,10…… Skittles on.


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