FS NEWS! HUGE TLX 2020 Update, Case IH 250 Series , Plus New Mods!


Today huge day for Custom Modding. We got his Case IH 250 Series plus two other Ones. Then we 82 Studio big TLX 2020 Update.

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0:00 – Intro
0:55 – FS News
3:03 – New Mod Intro
3:25 – New Mods (All Platforms)
27:53 – New Mod Updates (All Platforms)
28:25 – New Mods (PC Only)
31:59 – New Mod Updates (PC Only)
32:52 – Testing List
33:28 – Outro

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Motherboard – Asus Rog B5550-F Gaming
Memory – 32gb Corsair 3200Mhz

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  1. Did you do some loading in that TLX2020 box attachment off camera? You showed it loading 2 pallets but unloaded 3 and a partial. If you did, was wondering if you loaded 4 pallets but only got back 3 and a partial. There was a warehouse mod that lost 100L off every 1000L pallet when it was first released. Just wondering if this TLX update has a bug that is shorting the contents when you unload it.


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