FS19 Tutorial – Installing 3rd Party Mods for PC – Farming Simulator 19


This tutorial is designed to show newcomers to Farming Simulator on PC how to download and install 3rd party mods from Mod sites and install them correctly on your PC and then how to activate them in-game.

Please always use reputable mod sites and if at all possible download mods from the original modder’s website/Facebook page wherever possible. ALWAYS RESPECT MODDERS WORK! They give up their time to develop amazing additions to the game, and for that, we should be incredibly grateful as a community.

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Best place to find mods
Where To Find New Mods & Mod Testing Lists
Giants ModHub (XB1/PS4) –
Giants MoHub (PC/Mac) –
New Mods Currently in Testing – Giants Mod Testing Forum –

PC Specs
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8 Core
Nvidia RTX 2060 6GB
Tomahawk MAX B450 Motherboard
Corsair Vengance 32GB RAM

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FS19 Tutorial – Installing 3rd Party Mods for PC – Farming Simulator 19

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  1. I'm having trouble installing Spectacle Island and the corresponding gold production mod. I already put both of the mods in the mods folder, but nothing happened, even restarting my PC didn't do anything. I also unzipped both of the mod folders in my downloads folder, but there weren't any zip folders in there either

  2. Hello thanks for info, I do this from farm sim site download mod straight to mod folder and works no problem, but when I use multi player with partner and they have exact same mod . when looking to join in the multiplayer screen the host doesn't show up?

  3. Thank you so much! I am getting a PC for FS as I used to play on Xbox one, I am wondering I have lots of mods in mind can I put all the mods at once or should I go for a few at a time?

  4. Hey, quick question, I installed GrimmeMultiroder and it works fine for me and goes into my mod folder no problem. For some reason though my friend can't transfer the folder into his mod folder. It starts the transfer but once complete it doesn't actually show up in the folder. full name of the mod is LS19_GrimmeMultiroder_neu. Works fine for me but it won't show up for him. Any advice? I thought it was cause of his game is out of date but thats not it. The only difference between our games is I installed from epic games launcher and his is through steam.

  5. I know how to do it but I had to get rid of my mods but now for some reason I reinstall them from third-party stuff where I got all my mods and probably you get a lot of your mods I put them in there and now they’re not showing up in when I go to a game so I wonder what I can do so can you tell me what to do but when I go to the in game mod hub the show up but when I go look in my game thing they aren’t there so what should I do?

  6. So I have a question, I plan on getting a PC and noting its towards the latter end of its life, theres thousands of mods il want to download. Is there anyway I could download them all onto a separate computer and just copy and paste the list into my new computer when i get one so I dont have to spend a week mod hunting? If not its fine. Any other beginners tips will help too

  7. Ok, I'm having a problem with getting the updated version of a map working. Okay in the description it says to not delete the original file or the name of the file for original version of the map. But I downloaded the new updated version and none of the updates are on the map when I load it. What am I doing wrong? The map is Seneca County btw


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