We are back yet again talking about Farming Simulator 22 & Farming Simulator 19!! Today I discuss the John Deere 9R 2021 from SiiD Modding, Ground Deformation in the next game, a FULL fleet of MF Tractors in the new game, Dooley Trailers and a new combine from Custom Modding!!

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  1. For anybody wondering, there won't be any 3d terrain. I quote SeriousMods, "from what I heard, they tried to do 3d ground, but the FPS dropped into the single digits." There you have it, i'm certain it will still be 2d, which IMO, still looks decent.

  2. Hi Silver. Just wondering what are you thoughts on the console game. Do you think that maybe Giants are making two versions for consoles, one for next gen & another for existing gen. They have gone great lenghts to showcase the new game will be available for next gen consoles and then later in the poscast made mention that they would pushing existing consoles to the max with upgraded slot counts. I am thinking that this means versions of the game for both existing consoles and next gen consoles.

  3. Why would Giants not use 3D rendering now instead of the common 2D, I was looking forward to that, hopefully that is still the case since we really don't have a lot of information right now. Also I hope they change the in-cab view as well, always kind of irritated me, when you look down, in normal circumstances, you wouldn't see the entire seat, you would see your legs and feet, arms etc. as a result of that the view they currently use raises your viewpoint out of the window and it is just weird to me, but of course I am thinking in real terms, not game terms, would be nice if they made ALL of the mirrors adjustable as well, noticed a lot of time just can't get a good view out of the mirrors, which is due partly to the above mentioned viewpoint being higher as well. Good job on the videos though, keep it coming, SOOOO looking forward to the new game !

  4. From the Massey Ferguson website:
    '''The latest Smart Farming technology further improves output and efficiency with easy-to-use precision farming capabilities such as MF Connect telemetry, MF Guide auto steering, MF Section Control and MF Rate Control.''

    so maybe we will get guide auto steering, gps modules etc.

  5. 6:08 lol somebody needs to troll or draw attention to self? Either way theese tracks look exactly the same like in fs19. Maybe some improvements could have been made but that is all i think, do not even see a reason to change that personaly and they look like there is depth in there because there is normal map used which is not different in fs19 or even before 17… See yourself in your own game, take for example original fortschritt hw 80 trailer, which is making theese tracks with default lizard tires and drive on field.

  6. I want to see the john deere lineup made larger.tgey have a full range if tillage, harvesting both spring and falls work equipment.tgat would be tons better then massey ferguson .

  7. just giants luling us into thinking the games better than it will be giants dont have the know how to make thingd better


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