Hazy Screen FIX On Xbox Series S! (Patch 1.3) | Farming Simulator 22


Hazy Screen FIX On Xbox Series S! (Patch 1.3)
Help Videos – Farming Simulator 22

0:00 – Intro
0:17 – The Cause
0:25 – How To Fix It
0:52 – After The Fix
1:22 – Outro

#FarmingSimulator #XboxSeriesS #HowTo


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  1. I had this too, noticed yesterday after getting the S on halo infinite main screen and sea of thieves. I tried everything and actually did this before I started researching and it worked..

  2. My Xbox does this on every game I'm thinking my Xbox is broke. Is this normal or just me how can I enjoy it with this fault it's unplayable and looks bad misty screen. Is there a fix without turning HDR off?

  3. Best thing to do is keep on hdr but go to the hdr callibrate option and calibrate it to match your tv, farming sim will still work crystal clear with no issues with hdr10 switched on, just have a mess around with the settings and you should be good to go

  4. Well good news is I have a temporary fix. Also good news is giants is aware of the problem and are working on fixing it. Bad news, no HDR and if I Wana play other games I have to remember to turn HDR back on


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