This guide will show you how to host a dedicated multiplayer session in Farming Simulator 22.

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  1. What did I do wrong? I created a farm for my bro and I to play. I logged out of it then went to reload now he can't load back into it. Don't I just select the first option at main screen or do I also have to select multiplayer again and search for my own farm?

  2. if u all got different mods u will have to uninstall n install the mods so u sync up but if u decide to go back to ur single play u will not be able to do so without fixing the mods!!!! such a blank issue given u can only have one character!!!!

  3. I don’t know if it’s something I’m missing but me and my girlfriend are playing and create a game and she can join just fine. As soon as I leave and try to rejoin she can no longer find the game in “join game”. Any suggestions?

  4. If you rent a server and other players play on it while you are away, does your crop progress while they are on? So say I plant a field but miss a week but my friends are playing. Will my crops go “bad” or how does that work?

  5. Hey farmer cop, my cousin and I would like to play multi-player on the same map he is hosting and would have his own farm but we were wondering if you knew about any way that we could have 2 separate farms like one that he creates and one that I create so we can compete to see who does better. Or would we just have to Start our own on single player on 2 different maps.

  6. Couple of questions.Can you use a mod map for multiplayer if everyone has it or not? How does the seasons work if one person plays all the time but the rest not as much will all crops grow if only one person is on?

  7. I have a multiplayer game with a friend, he has contractor status and is a farm manager, why can't he collect rocks or do any work on my fields?

    Also why is it so hard to play with other people lol, why would I be in multiplayer if I wanted no one to be able to help me or interact with me or play with me?

  8. Hi Farmer Cop! Thanks for the video. Here's my question. If I have a friend over at my house and we want to play FS22 together on the same farm (I have created a farm and she is going to help me do stuff on it), how do I set that up? I tried it earlier and I was able to send an invite but I don't think that's what I wanted to do because wouldn't that mean that she would have to have the game too? I'm confused. I am hoping to play the game with her on the same PS4 console in my room. Does this make sense? We're not ready to play yet, but I'm trying to figure this out before she comes. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  9. I tried doing a multiplayer game with my sister today. She has Xbox and I’m using a pc. All the setting as as you described, yet I could not find her on the FS22 Multiplayer list to join her game. So, I tried creating a game and she could not see my listed game to join. Does it matter where she lives? She lives in New England and I’m in the Midwest. Any suggestions?

  10. I bought one copy installed on two macs. It won’t connect to each other. I can see the game but can’t join, is it because it’s the same copy of the game or something else? Just wanna play with my little guy! Thanks!


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