It's Back! Guidance Steering – GPS – for Farming Simulator 22 – Tutorial


One of the standout mods for Farming Simulator 19 is back. Wopster’s Guidance Steering is a must-have for all PC players and the update for Farming Simulator 22 is better than ever!

Check it out here:

You can get Farming Simulator 22 Here –

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It’s Back! Guidance Steering – GPS – for Farming Simulator 22 – Tutorial

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  1. If you install Enhanced Vehicle, there's an option to put a compass heading right above your Tach at the bottom-right. Makes it so much easier to line things up. Almost completely negates the need for any other visual cues, and is extremely handy for odd-shaped fields, where the work is often done at strange angles.

  2. Great video! I have GPS downloaded and my tractors have GPS installed. BUT there is no key binding listed, why? I tried to enter left control +S and still its not working can anyone tell me why.

  3. Im an actual farmer and when cultivating fields we always skip 1 row twice then go back to the first row that was skipped so you dont have to make tight turns. We also cultivate at an angle. The gps sounds are realistic and true like the real thing which is awesome. One thing im not sure if there is an option is to be able to move left or right 1 inch to how ever far you want it to turn

  4. Not a bad mod, I use one called VCA (Vehicle control addon) which has a guidance GPS system which I think is MUCH easier to use than wopters version. You should check it out.

  5. A bit late to the party but thanks for this video. The mod page has no mention of buying a GPS in the store for each tractor so I was confused at why it wouldn't turn on. After scratching my head for a bit I found your video and I was like, well that makes sense.

  6. Trying to play this mod, but now it's stuck in "Heading" at whatever degree I set it at..I would like to change it back so I it lets me chose which direction I want while driving.

    It let me when I started, but now I can't find the setting. Any idea?

  7. As a real farmer we have some autosteer in some of our tractors, and yes I do play Farm Sim on rainy days ? the audio for this guidance is exactly from a John Deere Greenstar, its giving me Vietnam flashbacks ??

  8. GPS is a MUST-HAVE for me. I won't play any FS without it. Been using GPS since its first version, I believe for FS2011, my first FS game. I don't have FS22 yet.
    WTH?! You have to buy as a feature for each vehicle? And that steep price? When/If I buy FS22 and add GPS to a vehicle, I guess I'l have to cheat the money. $15k is just too expensive.

  9. So i'm wondering if i'm doing something wrong.. i downloaded this mod from the main game "downloadable content". i have the mod active/ selected from the mod page. i also purchased the mod for my tractor at the store for $15k..when I hold left alt and press c my camera snaps from first person to third person. am i missing something? any help would be appreciated.

  10. As a new player I'm fuming how little is explained about the game by the devs or by players themselves. Does this mod require the "Guidance Steering" mod as well? Who knows?! I've literally spent 3 hours online researching how things work for every 1 hour actually playing. Over all I have 60 hours playing this game and can never make enough to keep my farm financially solvent.


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