LOOKING AT THE MAPS IN FS23! – Farming Simulator 23 – Mobile


GIANTS Software has announced more information and screenshots for the two new maps in Farming Simulator 23, Amberstone and Neubrunn. FS23 releases May 23rd of 2023.

FS23 Maps Info Post:

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  1. Before i even spend money on it for Switch I'm gonna wait until after the release date and watch other people play it because if it's anything like FS20 then im not going to buy it, Giants has been going downhill with their games and not putting any effort into making any good stuff for Switch , making the same game for both Switch and for mobile is just wrong the Nintendo Switch is far more powerful than a smartphone and it deserves an actual simulator not a piece of crap made for phones and tablets.

  2. Hi farmer cop have you thought of a farming college for no mans land I can run it as I went to one in the uk with my school for day release and be happy to help teach the young residents of no mans land


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