MY TOP 10 MAPS – Farming Simulator 22


These are my top 10 maps from the ModHub for Farming Simulator 22 for all platforms.

Mods Mentioned:

East Vineland, NJ USA:

Michigan Farms Map:

The Western Wilds:

Blackwater Bottoms:

Stone Valley 22:

The Old Stream Farm:

Griffin Indiana 22:

Calmsden Farm:

No Mans Land:

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  1. Can you please help? I like to work with a lot of production and with greenhouses, but now I have the problem. I have only just started the game and am already getting a message that I am at the limit of production points. Any idea for me, maybe a map? where there are no production points yet

  2. I used to play the old FS games. Just got FS 22. There’s so many options, settings, crops, maps. A little overwhelming. I’m going to have to spend a hour or two on YouTube just to figure out what map I want to start on.

  3. Thanks Farmer Cop. I'm off to watch your detailed videos on Western Wilds and Blackwater. I wish No Mans Land had some sort of town. On FS19 I fell in love with it but I had to build a small town up by the entrance to sell to.
    I'm thinking about either firing up my Giants editor or giving myself a ton of money and building a few sale buildings. Then I remove all but a few thousand and start. 🙂
    I truly tried playing on Silverrun Forest. It's a beautiful map but even though I have TerraFarm (which is an excellent mod for digging – I'm thinking of making a how to for that mod since no one else has), I still could not get enough flat land to build factories in spite of having to dig out and make mesas.

  4. I definitely prefer the European style maps. The American ones are well done and all, but ultimately it's a bunch of big rectangles. The euro maps are a lot more interesting in my opinion.


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