The Old Stream Farm | Map Review | Farming Simulator 22


Start 0:00
Intro 0:22
PDA, Sell points, Starting land 1:37
Starting Equipment 5:29
Farm tour 6:64
Fly Over 18:57
Drive around 37:06

Download Map:

Welcome to, Old Stream Farm. The famous farm of the 70’s is back for even more fun. Located in a fictional European-style countryside, the roads will take you to the small town of Dorfbach and Grünwald.

Game Farming Simulator 22
Manufacturer NONE
Category Map
Author BlackSheep Modding
Size 219.94 MB
Released 11.02.2022
Platform PC/MAC, PS4, PS5, XB1, XBS

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  1. Have been playing this map since FS15, has always been a favorite of mine, just the size I like to play. I didn't find that FS19 version quite had the same feel as previous versions, however this one is back to being my favorite in FS22.
    Just wondering if anyone knows if there is Oil Production built into map? Haven't seemed to be able to locate it?

  2. Been playing this farm for a few days getting knower fast money whys, and I know know why the fields are way too small to make it a viable money making farm, in the UK the average farmers filed is 12ha this farms biggest field is 3.86h, Calmsden Farm is much more like the average UK farm. I do understand the way you rate maps and I'm fine with it, but please think about how viable a map is thank you.

  3. I was beginning to doubt your scoring system as it is a bit stringent and does not include artistic expression from the map author for imaginary farm economies. But 5 Stars on this one is so deserved. BSM are legendary map authors. I was a bit disappointed with the fs19 version but this one is out of the park. I've spent hundreds of ours in the map and it's really like playing a whole new map this time. Brilliant work.

  4. Well crap! Is that always like that, that you have to buy the BGA to deliver contracts?? It didnt let me before I found your tip here to buy it.. very annoying with 164,000 when in the beginning of a hard playthrough, but guess it made it even more hard, lol. Oh well.. but yes, not very informative about those contracts =(

  5. A great review.
    I'm not sure any update will match the initial feeling of how this map was when first loading it up into FS15, however this iteration has pushed Calmsden aside and is my new favorite to play (Calmsden was great, just a bit too big on some fields).
    Thanks for another great review, 5/5 for your review.

  6. Never played this map much on 19 I spent 160 hours on the valley the old farm from Black Sheep Modding. Would have played much much longer but my save file got corrupt and wouldn't load.


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