Welcome to Hanna Indiana – A New Multiplayer Series with @Argsy Gaming


Welcome to Hanna Indiana, We’ve left our European base in No Man’s Land and have headed west, to the Midwest and the state of Indiana.
@Argsy Gaming flew ahead to get a few things set-up and we’re ready for a new challenge.

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Welcome to Hanna Indiana – A New Multiplayer Series with @Argsy Gaming

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  1. Loving the series! Always been a fan of your series and my kids absolutely love the videos. Just had a question though. I have tried multiple times to run my own server with friends on very games and Nitrado. Every time we get around 50-100 hours in the game wipes and starts a new save. Have you had any issues with running your multiplayer servers with this and if so what was the fix to make it work? Thank you FarmSim guy you are the best!

  2. Where can I get some of the mods that I have seen in the video? I have seen some plows that I liked and I would like to have them now, thanks

  3. Argsy: "Hey! Let's play on a very small map with only the Antonio-Carrado-DLC!"
    FSG:"Have you gone completely CRAZY???"
    Argsy:"Just jokin'!" 😉
    Thanks a lot for the video! 😊👍🏻

  4. I love this map and really want to play it, but it feels half done and just needs work. All the buildings in the main farm are part of the map and can't be demolished without the editor. It has invisible silos with collision in the store and on the map. And if you want to try and add a corn dryer in, the fill types usually used, are being converted to mineral feed or cracked corn, meaning without a bit of work in the XMLs, River Bottoms Dryer won't work. So for now i'll watch the series and sulk lol. Shame, personally i think FS22 is missing a really good killer 4x US map and this could of been it.

  5. Great video and great map I’ve downloaded the map and you can download the objects but when I try to place down the GSI grain bin set up that came with it I can’t by the way what is the grain bin set up you have and how did you remove the old set up?

  6. Didn't get to leave a comment the first time I watched so I'm watching again lol! I'm so excited to see another series with you guys together. These big fields are going to make for great time-lapse. And to see how you guys overcome this debt is going to be very inspirational for my own games! Great job and keep it up!

  7. I was born and grew up in Hanna. Never in my life would I think I'd see my hometown show up on … anywhere. I'm sorry, I know nothing about this game or project, but seriously, our town was maybe 900 people growing up, I think it's in the 400s now. So I'm super curious, are you from Hanna? Why Hanna? How the hell did my little bunk-ass, boonies hometown end up in a game? Lmao!

  8. Great episode FSG looks like it’s going to be a very interesting series great work and keep up with the great work 👏👏👍👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  9. Happy to have set it all up, was good fun putting things together! Loving your intro as well, nice beat and slick cut!

  10. I live in Indiana and this map is spot on. Sadly I saw a burnt out combined today. I see 1 almost every year. Fsg idea for elk mountain. Wink 😉

  11. Great video! Is that a mod that allows the crop stubble to be flattened and the tractor to leave tracks in it? I like the realism of that!


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