Westbridge Hills 22 ep4 Farming Simulator 22 – Used Machinery Challenge


On our Used Machinery Challenge today we start by seeding our field before taking on a huge harvesting contract which will carry over into the next day.



  1. If you do have to do a new save for the map perhaps consider not taking the Rigitrac? They are a Swiss manufacturer of alpine friendly Ag equipment, not sure how many would turn up in Westbridge USA , mind you, from a role play perspective perhaps that was why it was on sale 🤔 😄 This map is a perennial favourite and had ports to FS19 too. I'm currently trying to find a US map for 19 that would suit my play style, I usually play UK maps and NML. Even though I'm Australian none of the Oz maps interest me, I live in Tasmania and agriculture is different here than those huge outback wheat prairies.

  2. Stone Valley went live today mate, just started a new save on there as I was playing Westbridge hills too so gonna wait for that to come back.

    Never played Stone Valley so looking forward to starting it.

    Enjoyed the episode as always 👍

  3. yeah my pc will run warm on like 2 maps i play but most normal maps no issues but ill hear the fans rev up and ill just stop game then put fans to gaming and it normally cools down gpu as it will be higher temp . westbridge hills i have not had any issues i am wondering why it was removed seems fine to me even through me for a loop with auction fields hahahaha


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