Which Tree Makes The Most Money | Farming Simulator 22


In this video I take a look at which is the best tree to make money in Farming Simulator 22.

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  1. If you're selling logs directly this post makes sense. If you're feeding a sawmill or carpentry what matters is the mass of the tree. I prefer American Elm. Full size tree is about 5.2 tons and it grows faster than just about anything else. Oak is bigger but slower growing. Making furniture is VERY rewarding.

  2. Nice analysis there, Driver. However, I think that you missed a very important point: The base price is for volume but not length. Length impacts on the final result, obviously (like knots and straightness), but I think that volume is also important. In game spruce is lighter that pine (0,47kg/l vs 0,52kg/l aprox.) and that means you will have more money for the same mass (more volume). Spruce are also thicker, and I think that's why you obtained more money in your testing. Finally, if you're harvesting the trees you previously planted, I think, like you, that spruce is the best choice. Thanks again for your video and keep it up!

  3. i worked with american elm, it is pain in the ass, YES it gives the most wood but lots of branches wich they sometimes stuck to eachother but mainly its a mess, i prefer long fat straight logs for FASTER work and more money at the end.

  4. Selling wood as wood is not smart tho. selling it as plank is the biggest money maker in FS22. 20 elms at max growth on normal eco is like 600k USD. don't need to cut them up. Just cut them down and drag them into the sellpoint at the sawmill. Poff they are gone and use a pallet warehouse mod to sell the planks from. You can make millions with only a chainsaw and a frontloader to drag the tree with you

  5. Driver53, not sure if this is something you've covered before or not. But I stumbled upon a fun little hack while spreading lime last night. Throw a tractor mounted spreader on the front and then pull a cart style spreader. You can use the front mounted spreader and it uses the lime from the trailer. 42m spreading distance with caps load more capacity now. Hopefully if you haven't seen this you'll give it a try.

  6. A while ago I ran a similar test, you'll see that when you get up to 11m-13m you get similar pricing per meter, but the advantage to the bigger logs, for me, is that you aren't moving as many pieces. It really comes down to preference, but if you like using longer logs, the ideal length is 13m


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