A $150K DAY – No Mans Land – Episode 24 – Farming Simulator 22


Welcome to my hard core survival gameplay on No Mans Land where I will struggle to make it with starting debt and nothing to my name but a plot of land.

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  1. My name is Clayton Pugh and I would like to become a farm on your series with the name CR ranch. I would do hay, grass, and silage all from grass. Back story my dad Robert Pugh passed my senior year in highschool as a freshly graduated highschooler entering freshman year of college for a farm & ranch management degree. I am running the family farm my dad left to me at 18. I can sell you an bales besides straw when you have animals and don’t feel like doing the work your self for a 20% of store price. While you are doing your own hay or work I can let you lease my equipment, or higher myself or my workers to help you with your needs. Any plot or plots you think work are fine with me. You also got me to do my own no man’s land work. I love this series keep up the great work.

  2. Does anyone know of a good mod that will let me label my storage buildings or put text on ground or custom signs that i can read from in first person view?

  3. Howdy, FC, my name is Noah, and I own an olive orchard and oil mill in a nearby town, Noah & Sons Orchard and Oil Co. — we produce the finest quality olive oil in the region. Unfortunately, due to some new zoning restrictions in the town, I am unable to expand my orchards this year as I was planning to do. However, hearing about your farm, I think that my misfortune might be an opportunity for a great partnership between your farm and my company. My original plan was to expand and diversify by adding canola and sunflower fields along with adding to my olive orchards — which I no longer can do because of the new zoning restrictions. If you are able, I am willing to pay top dollar for canola and sunflowers (15% and 20% over the best prices, respectively). Further, I have heard that you are planning on expanding into orchards yourself — I have a used Fendt 200 V Vario orchard tractor that I no longer need, since I was unable to expand the orchard, that I will sell to you for $40,000 if you are interested. It has been perfectly maintained, with a little over 500 hours on it, and comes with the 211 V Vario engine and a GPS. To sweeten the deal on the tractor I can throw in a TPN140 mulcher and Disc-o Vigne V subsoiler (both in good condition) for free! Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.

  4. Hey fc awesome video buddy also thought about throwing out an idea of maybe in the next grass cutting my farm could have a hay fire and I'd buy hay from you at a 30 percent increase for the cows or i could do some trading for the hay with manure for your fields. Keepnup the great work fc and hope the fourth is a good one for you.

  5. when you mow grass do you have to mow it each month when its ready to harvest or can you keep letting it grow and only mow it say every 3 months (handy if you have a big farm when you cant get to it)

  6. Great Episode…. Progressing well, other than the game crashes. Ironic, but the day after the latest update for FS22 I had tons of issues on NML. I couldn’t hardly stay on my Build It Challenge game save for than 20 minutes without crashing. I ended up having to sell all my equipment and shut off all mods except for my placeable mods. Sort through a couple things and believe it’s fixed now. Not sure, what exactly it was but just happy it’s working again.

  7. Sooo in the next episode the quarry will be rolling rocks away 😉
    I think You need the Game Saver mod.
    And i did spot that You installed the scrapyard thingy…
    So here is my subscriber business extension idea:
    The F12 Patrol did reconnaissance in this area and we found many car wrecks hidden in the forests. We are thinking about putting a scrapyard somewhere outside the city. It could be called 12F Exports and we could buy wrecks 12% above the market price. We've heard that You are expert in wrecks topic.


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