ALPINE EXPANSION DLC ERLENGRAT #5 / Alpine Expansion / Farming Simulator 19 XBOX 1S Let’s Play.


Alpine Expansion DLC Erlengrat #5 / Alpine Expansion / Farming Simulator 19 XBOX 1S Let’s Play. GIANTS Software. Focus Home Interactive. Lets Play series, on FS19 Alpine Expansion DLC by Giants Software. 6 Day Seasons, Swiss Geo, and Straw Harvest mods enabled. In episode 5 We finish the field preparations for the upper pastures. We take on some local farm contracts as it is still too cold to plant our own crops. We decide to purchase a new plot of Grassland next to the farm.

Music downloaded from Youtube music library:

“Monogram” – Patrick Patrikios
“Into it” – Kwon



  1. While I can appreciate some of the things that seasons brings to the table, for my own personal gameplay aspect it just drags things out far too much. I understand the appeal of it obviously as I have worked with farms RL for the last 20 years. However, in what time I have to game, I like to make some progress rather than waiting and waiting as I do enough of that in the real world already.


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