Did you know that in FARM SIM 22 there's an infinite money glitch…


Plow your field,
Collect the stones,
Plow it again,
Collect more stones,
Rinse and repeat.

Sell for profit




  1. Or alternatively turn grass into silage and then sell, or just buy a fuck ton of oats at the store and wait for them to be above the purchase price and then sell them.

  2. There’s absolutely no need for this. Just download the government signs pack and spam the “government subsidized” sign on your farm.

  3. idk about 22 but in 19 you could get a Mods in the Mods section for government subsiding and put that 100 of those and your rich

  4. This is not a glitch lmao. It's literally the way the game functions. And rocks are dirt cheap cause, well, they're rocks…

  5. I much rather just go into my game file and change my amount of money to buy what I want. Easier and faster. And if that’s too cheap then just have a normal save too

  6. My infinite money glitch: Just go into the savgame and replace the money number with any amount I want..

    Bro who I already cheat why you want to work for the mony.. instead of instant mony drop xD works offline and on dedicated server

  7. *BTW This is not cheating nor is it a glitch as its using the functions provided by the Game*

    I got a better one for you guys. Start your map as Multiplayer, then create your Farm. start a new farm join it and max out there loan, should give you about 800k on your 2nd farm. Then go to icon above the farm mngmt one in the pause menu and there's an option to transfer money to another farm. send the money back to your main farm. rinse and repeat. and easier way that isnt a glitch is to download the subsidies mod ( its the signs under generators) Place the signs and use the first trick to buy land. there are 2 subs 1 is gov and one is municipal or county. On elm creek I gave my self 4 mill through my shell farms then bought up land waited a month got paid millions bought more land and so on once you own the entire map you earn about 56 million a month

  8. The best way to make money surely is to buy a feild just ready to harvest, sell ywj crops and then sell the feild and the same price and keep repeating that process


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