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Player Tab: 11:36
Objects and Filltypes 14:58
Vehicles 22:21
Placeables 26:40
Fields and Farmland 33:49
Enviorment 39:34

Easy Development Controls is designed as a testing tool for modders, mappers and content creators. It can also assist with gameplay setups or however you wish to play the game.

It includes some features available already through the game console commands but now easily accessible and also the addition of many new features.

Most features support use in Multiplayer and permission levels of some commands can also be adjusted. This now also includes existing console commands that previously only worked for the host.

Some quality of life features have also been added as follows.

– Teleport: Quickly move yourself or vehicles around the map by selecting a location on the map, by field number or x/z coordinates.
– Flip Vehicles: Allows a user to easily correct upright rotation of a vehicle.
– Super Strength: Increases a players carrying capacity and pickup range.
– Hud Visibility: Shows and hides the whole hud, you can also activate a key binding for faster access.
– Show Bale Locations: This will display all farm owned bales on the map.
– Show Pallet Locations: This will display all farm owned pallets on the map.
– Advance Growth: Advances all crops to the next growth stage.

With the extended number of features plus many new features planned, Easy Development Controls has something for everyone.

For further information please read the README on the Github repository.
Game Farming Simulator 22
Manufacturer GtX
Category Gameplay
Author GtX
Size 0.20 MB
Released 02.05.2022
Platform PC/MAC

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  1. I'm glad I came acrossed this video. I tried using this mod and couldn't figure it out so I got rid of it. Now that you explained it really well, now I'm gonna reuse it. Thanks for all the helpful videos and tutorials. Keep up the great work.

  2. I love this , thanks. Is there a feature that converts the vehicles to transparent? I ran into a gliche where I can't see the walls of all purchased vehicles but can't reverse it. any thoughts?

  3. I will be using it coming from console for years and trying to presetup maps with forest by spending hours using the planter. Love to set up my own maps but havent gotten back into full on modding like I was in the 90s and early 2000s…..having kids will do that to you. I do like the production lines and having to actually haul your product on the map. Im working on setting up a map now and will talk to the original creator about some ideas I can implement while using this. I dont use it to cheat. If anything, Im happy to have it to control money better. With landscape tools and then clearing a forest to build, its cool roleplay and a way to make it work.

  4. Is anyone else having issues with easydevelopment? I play with someone one separate computers, and easy development stopped working altogether on both units.

  5. installed this mod I can't got it to work when I press f12 ,or alt f12, or alt+ctrl f12. or fn f12 . nothing I do is working uninstall and reinstall 4 times not working what am I doing wrong

  6. The mod is not working for me I click F 12 and it screenshots pictures for me when it’s meant to bring up Easy Development ControlsWhich it’s not how do I turn screenshot off in settings

  7. I've noticed that the [Delete Objects Input] only works if you are having [Super Strength] on as well. Just thought I'd share that. And also I had to redo the keybindings for Autoload and for this mod as well a few times.

  8. I have used this mod alot and love it.. not so much for cheating butting setting things up as you want to start out on a map.. So glad its in fs22, cheers for the review mate.

  9. Thank you Farmer Klein for this wonderful review on this fantastic mod. I enjoyed this mod in fs19 and I will now enjoy this mod in fs22 as well. I find this mod to be extremely helpful for multiple reasons and I do believe that playing a game as you want is what it is all about. This mod is fantastic, I cannot wait to get it into my game.

  10. Great review FK. I was wondering why EDC wasn't released earlier for FS22 and now I can see why. As someone who does some limited modding, I can't even imagine the time it took to include all these features. This is an incredible mod and an invaluable tool for map builders and modders.

  11. Tis is one of my "essential" mods in 19, and now with the awesome additions to this in 22, its a must have. Really like the improved teleport. "Clear Tip Area" now that is one i've missed in 19.

  12. Yes, I used it in FS 19 and got it yesterday, one of the best mods ever. Side note, if you have Lumberjack mod active you can reach further to delete trees.

  13. When you are playing single player and no one else is watching…what is cheating? I suppose if you break your own set rules…Yeah, this mod is great! I use the console all the time, I like having control. It is up to me to decide if I want to haul that tanker to a water source, fill that silo with product, lift my tractor out of the creek, or even add 50 million bucks to my account. My game, my rules. I play each save differently, sometimes I have a strict rule set, sometimes anything goes.

  14. I've been playing FS since FS15 but recently started playing Forza Horizon 5. Since then I just can't face playing FS22 anymore. The graphics in FH5 are so real looking compared to the cartoon looks and basic vehicle designs/interiors of FS22. Giants really need to get their finger out and get working on RealEngine or they'll end up being left behind in the gaming industry.

  15. Thanks for the great video Farmer Klein, happy to see people enjoying the mod 😀

    Some of the debug information is definitely not useful unless testing a new mod etc, however you may find the 'Weather Debug' interesting.
    Sort of a live preview of the forecast with a graph 😉

  16. For me, that production tab is best, i build factories on NML in start of map, but I dont want them to be mine 🙂 its OP

  17. Now, if we could "look" at an object (a trash bin, a junk barrel, a stack of old tires) and delete it, THAT would be useful. I don't mind "deco" objects, but give us a way to clean it up! I try to run a clean farm here! 😉


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