EXCITING DLC NEWS! VERMEER AUGUST 23rd! FS22 | NEW MODS! | (Review) Farming Simulator 22 | PS5.


EXCITING DLC NEWS! VERMEER AUGUST 23rd! FS22 | NEW MODS! | (Review) Farming Simulator 22 | PS5 | 21st July 2022. Modhub. GIANTS Software. What mods do we have? What features do they have? How do they work? How many mb to download are they? How many slots do they use? Find out with me… MrSealyp.

Wireless High Pressure Washer By: PizzaBacker,
FarmCon22 – John Deere 5M Series,
FarmCon22 – John Deere 710 By: GIANTS Software.

Vermeer Teaser Trailer:

Pumps N Hoses Trailer:


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  1. Why, @MrSealyP, did you spend the entire video with those two New Giants JDs on screen? It really felt like you were super-shilling for them in an OTT propaganda manner. The video became unwatchable for me before I got to the end, because of that.

  2. I would have rather had more crops and productions or different game play mechanics. I couldn't give 2 shits about this DLC and didn't care about the other 2. For me, a tractor is a tractor, doesn't matter to me what brand it is.
    I will say that the hoses and stuff does look pretty cool and since it's modders that created it, I'll grab it to support them even though I probably won't use them.
    When I use slurry or manure I just hire a worker so they can use the slurry and manure from my stash so I don't have to constantly refill my machines.
    I am going to grab the last DLC though for sure.

  3. I'm very excited for the Vermeer DLC and the Platinum expansion later too! I actually had a good look at a Vermeer 504R baler at a farm show earlier this year, great to see them coming to the game! And what's not to love about those JD tractors, especially the older one!

    The Pumps and Hoses pack is a different kettle of fish though. On one hand I really like the innovation, what it's bringing into the game in terms of new gameplay and equipment, and possible doors it'll open up for other modders in the future. Could it even be a precursor to some kind of field compaction mechanic, since the whole idea is to keep heavy tanks off the fields? But on the other hand there's the price and also the lack of information currently about what it does, will the new pumps and liquid separation mechanics increase the usefulness of slurry / digestate? If the answer to that is yes and it means we can make liquid manure go much further them I think it'll be more worth considering. Time will tell.

  4. I have to say the pair of retro JD tractors are darlings! Every time you mention Vermeer, I keep seeing the Dutch painter! LOL!!! really looking forward to it coming out now! thank you P!

  5. I’ve held off on getting FS 22 due to crap internet in my area but that DLC makes me think it’s finally time to make the move on from 19. Hope your office is a bit cooler today, know the whole UK has been suffering. If it makes you feel better, we’re going to be hitting those temps in the mountains of NC this weekend, which is very rare.

  6. Pumps and Hoses: Here are some numbers to consider. Elmcreek, easy economy. Field 70 is 8.08ha. According to Field Calculator it would take 116,318 liters of slurry/manure/digestate for a single application to fertilize this field. Slurry is selling for $92 per 1000l at the biogas plant at the moment I tested this. That means it would cost me $10,764 to fertilize this field with a single application of slurry. I can buy solid Fertilizer from the store in a 1000l big bag for $1,820. Field Calculator tells me it would take 1,745 liters to fertilize field 70 with solid fert. If I bought 2 big bags I would spend $3,640 and I would have fertilizer left over. Giants should correct this!

  7. The pumps and hoses idea is how much of the slurry spreading here where I live, US Midwest, is done. They bring out tanker trucks and connect to tractors and go up and down the fields.

  8. I'm REALLY kicking myself for not getting the season pass when I pre-ordered this game! Not so much after the first pack release, there's nothing in there I'd use really. But the Kubota one I've used all of, and the next ones that are coming I'm sure I'll use.
    The two tractors are awesome, especially the old 710. That thing is sweet.
    The pressure washer wasn't quite what I thought it was. I was under the impression that it would get my stuff clean faster. That doesn't seem to be the case, but whatever. Use it if you want, don't if you don't. But at least install it, play a session, then go back and give the mod a 5 star review to help the modders out. (You REALLY gotta screw up a mod for me to not give a 5 star rating. So far there's only been 3 or 4. All else has been superb)

    Thanks for your time and efforts MrSealyP! And thank you modders for all your hard work to make my game play time that much more enjoyable

  9. Great to see you sealy , im back on farm sim again lol … this time on pc though . GREAT TO SEE HOW MUCH YOU HAVE GROWN SINCE I WAS LAST AROUND …. i remember when you had a couple hundred subs . Keep up the great work sealy , its great to be back in the loop


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