Farm Sim News! Motorcycle, F-650, Volvo Excavator, & Last Fact Sheets! | Farming Simulator 22


Farm Sim News! Motorcycle, F-650, Volvo Excavator, & Last Fact Sheets!
Farm Sim News FS22 – Farming Simulator 22
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0:00 – Intro
0:11 – Top Stories
0:26 – Mods In Testing
1:52 – Last Fact Sheets
4:38 – Farm Sim Academy
5:08 – DLC Early Access
6:03 – Michigan Map
6:22 – 669 Buncher
6:39 – Motorcycle
6:58 – F650
7:22 – JD DB60
7:47 – Segue & Disclaimer
8:17 – Outro
8:48 – Overdoing it as always

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  1. I’ve had a strange issue on the Michigan map where one of the staring fields with sugar beats the one next to the corn field has spots that won’t accept being plowed.

  2. Can’t believe they didn’t even make a bucket for the Excavator lol! Literally they have a road builder excavator and no bucket!

  3. As an Australian, I'd love just one Australian farm map,…just one, please for all platforms,….is it to much to ask for?

  4. The f series was for all platforms in the last game it will be in this one too it's not branded so it should be fine

  5. the motorcycle is a mid to late 70's Kawasaki K1000 I love to see a KZ1000P Police motorcycle would go good for roleplays

  6. I got a good idea for a update for the tlx 9000 and tlx 9000 long hood he should add a manure spreader for it

  7. Hey DJ, do I have to buy the whole game again to get the add-on? 🤔😉 haha Only 2 more work days!! Never been this excited for logging

  8. This is cool especially a f series truck 1981 that's my year the year I was born I was saying that be cool to have a truck that was made the year I was born finally came true farming it's a really a game changer I'm excited to play the dlc forest map can't wait until then to play

  9. I think it would be awesome if a Modder would make a Ventrac tractor! Maybe we can get one in the future!!! Like if you agree!

  10. That Japanese sport car commentary had me laughing for the whole video 😂😂😂. Thanks for all the videos today!!!


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