Farm Sim News! Semi-Crane Attachment, Container Mods & Selling?


Farm Sim News! Semi-Crane Attachment, Container Mods & Selling?
Farm Sim News FS22 – Farming Simulator 22

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0:00 – Intro
0:11 – Top Stories
0:21 – Farm Sim Show
0:39 – GreenRiver22 Update
1:48 – Claas Dominator
2:15 – Winter Wolf
2:36 – Timber Loader
3:15 – Pattison Tow-Between
3:26 – 4000 Gravity Wagon
4:01 – Vineyard Pack
4:33 – Ultimate Baling Pack
5:05 – Container Mods
6:43 – Jos Is Sneaky
6:57 – American Shed
7:21 – Monette Farms
7:54 – Willamina Forest
8:16 – Carpathian Countryside
8:42 – Ohio Richlands Update
9:42 – Segue & Disclaimer
10:24 – Outro
10:56 – Burns the eyes and ears

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  1. Can we get an accurate container trailer selection made for the containers? That would be nice and a great addition to the mods.

  2. A problem with the parkers is that the loaded animation does not always work, so it will look empty but it will be full

  3. The only thing that i saw that was missing to the containers was that the doors dont open and that you cant put pallets in it as far as i know

  4. Hey DJ something's wrong with the welker farms map on the one side on one of the roads it's like there's a giant collision there where you used to be able to drive there before now you can't I even tried loading a new game and it still does it

  5. Don't update Green River…you won't be able to sell the place able buildings in the farm yards with the update

  6. I really like that Ohio map but I just need the creator to put a gate at the horse farm and/or move the feeding trigger outside of the stable. It's a slight pain trying to back a trailer into the small door where the food trigger is located. It would be great if he could make the sheds as placeables also to including the round shed.

  7. I am still having problems with the shop from legacy AG I don't have any mods enabled just the shop and there is still textures on the doors. How do I fix it I am on Xbox???

  8. Who do we contact about freezing issues in the shop and with the game period. I'm on PS4 and can't even play farm sim anymore. Always freezing

  9. I think these containers have surpassed my expectations. But maybe not all of them. Can we hookup 2 or more of them to do a massive road train?

  10. New Ohio is good but don’t feel like it’s optimised for Xbox at least. I have one worker and it freezes and it’s slow. Still good map.

  11. Man I wish they would give us a add snow to maps option. I think we had that sort of option on 19 (I'll have to go check). Also give us the option to remove snow masks from roads. Great video DJ! Have a great day!!!


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