Farming Simulator 19 Alpine DLC pt.8 I broke this map !!!


That did not take long , I have broken the new map beyond all help So much for the New Alpine DLC for FS 19

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  1. I never broke anything with that mod, but the game has been unstable enough to require a purge of my mod folder as well. I use the developer tools,and a log viewer to find obvious errors, but a few are hard to trace.

  2. You should enable the 'developer console', so you can see the latest lines of the LOG.TXT, in-game by pressing the 'tilde'-key. – This is useful, specially when the loading-screen never ends… (which it actually has, with an error.)

    Unfortunately the game is not so 'up front informative' when a mod breaks or causes errors, but there should be "something" in the LOG.TXT to give a hint of what the cause is.


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