Farming Simulator 22 – 8 Things You DEFINITELY Need To Know Before You Buy


Farming Simulator 22 changes the game up. Upgraded graphics,sounds and gameplay. Here are 8 things you need to know before you buy Farming Simulator 22

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  1. The biggest issue I've got is the fact that though console's may not have access to various mods that pc's do. There game pad's work as designed. With the one exception which most game's have. Getting an game pad controller to work. It can be on occasion an issue. So there's a gazillion video's on how to do it. But then once done, that's it, unlike any other game. Though there's gazillion of video's in regard to the config's envolving a KB+M, just as there are for those who utilize hotas's, they refer to as controller's. But when it come's to game pad's. Good luck, there's absolutly no love for them on this game via a pc.

    I'm 74 year's old and as such, a game's learning curve can be a lengthy issue. There's being zero assitance in the use of a game pad, increase's it. The various mod's avilable on pc and not console's is because they are designed first and foremost of KB+M. And because haveing a set of hotas's, mean's considerably more button option's. Allow's one to utilize mutiple finger's and even thumbs on two separat device's. A game pad is extremly limited with the number of button combination's and even with the built in two modifier's. Having to press two button's and a third at the same time, is difficult. IF and when one is more than sufficent at reconfiguring the various aspect's of the various machine's avilable. Everthing can be reconfigured. But then as I stated, I'm 74, and my short term as well as long term memory isn't nearly as good as those considerably younger than I am.

    Though it took me some 300 hour's of research not to mention a hundred envolved in trial and error. I've manage to get this game reconfigured to my game pad based on my abilities and play style.

    Other than that, this is by far the best game I've come accross since starting to play video games, some 8 years ago, when I retired. So though the learning curve is lengthy, stay with it, and you'll love it as much as I.

  2. so let me get this straight, i can download fs22 on my PS4 and on my PC and my son can play on the PS4 while im on the pc and we can play together? If this is true then i might be sold on making the switch from 19 to22.

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