Farming Simulator 22 How to fix your mod not showing in giants editor and auto converting mods


Farming Simulator 22 How to fix your mod not showing in giants editor and auto converting mods
Hello in this how to video i will be showing you how to get your farming simulator 22 mods to show up in Giants editor 9.0.1 if you load the mod in but you can’t see it really quick fix for that and i will show you how to auto convert you farming simulator 19 mods to farming simulator 22 there will still be manual convection you will still have to do for most mods thanks for watching hope this helps. Hope you enjoy so go ahead and hit that play button and let’s get to it.

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  1. Hi for some reason when I go in game my mod is all white. And only certain parts of the mod show in giants editor. I've tried everything out there online. This issue is happening with all my mods on GE there's loads of error messages. Someone said something about it may need the shader updating?

  2. So I converted a bricknose 89 ford from fs19 to 22 and got it to load into the game but it also had multiple errors and when i tried to buy it in store it bugged out a ton and wont load but all I would have to do is find the errors on the bottom of the page in the files and correct them? Because even the model itself glitches out on editor and doesn't load properly if I wanted to get it to load in properly on editor would I need to just fix the xml files like you stated at the end of the vid?

  3. Salut, merci pour ta vidéo mais j'ai un soucis avec plusieurs mod que je veux reconvertir c'est que rien du tracteur aparait dans le jeu ou dans Giants editor apart quelques éléments comme les portes ou les autocolant, ce problème marrive que sur certains mods car j'en ai déjà reconverti 20 ou ceux là ont eus aucun soucis. Aurai tu la solution ?


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