GIANTS Need to FIX This Controller Problem in Farming Simulator 22 for PC & Console Players


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  1. Using semantic's one way and a steering wheel, HOTAS as well as gamepad's are all "Controller's". But there's a significant difference between each of them in comparison to one another when utilized. Steering wheel's were designed for driving, HOTAS's were designed for flight. Gamepad's were designed for console player to do both. However, when it comes to the basic's such as walking, running, driving a game pad works great. But when it comes to the operation of the various machine's. Unless one has the knowledge of what the various item's listed are for the various machine's in regard to what they do. There's no configuration's for a game pad on a pc. Console player's don't have access to the xml file that could make it possible for a pc player to utilize. Thus I'm stuck only playing with a chain saw, a truck trailer and the lumber jack mod. The mod's availble generally only work for keyboard and mouse or a pair of HOTAS's that for some reason which I'd state is only the use of semantic's, referred to as controller's when a gamepad were only referred to as controller's, wheel's and hotas's though legally are controller's are vastly different than a game pad. Wheel's were designed for driving, hotas's for flying and gamepads for both.

    But there's no love for game pad user's in this game. Meaning when one wish's to utilize a machine, they have to know exactly what the various listing's mean. And not being a heavy equipment operator at any point in my life. Have no idea as to what any of the listing mean so I can configur my gamepad to do.

    I've spent well over a hundred hour's searching the web for a gamepad imput xml file. And none exist.

  2. I know I am a year late to this discussion. I cannot believe how terrible the control settings are in this game. I bought this game 2 days ago and I have yet to get the controls working the way I want. Just when I think I have it setup properly it either performs commands that I didn't assign or it just doesn't work the way I assigned them. If I had of known that I could not use one joystick to perform identical tasks for different attachments I would have avoided buying this game but no YouTuber that I have watched discussed this issue and they make functions look seamless. This game looks awesome but I am very unhappy with the control assignments…

  3. Hello. (A bit late to the party in here)

    But i just started to play FS22 in a bigger way then ever. (pretty much because of the forest content)

    So I'm playing on PC (Steam) with a Xbox Elite Serie 2 controller.
    But not sure if I'm doing something wrong or not. I did like to control a vehicle with the left thump stick.
    E.g. turn any vehicle left and right. and with any type of front loaders use right thumb stick to control the crane part (up, down, open and close)
    That part in it self, should not be a problem to setup.

    But at the same time i do also like to use my forest equipment (harvesters aka vehicle like Ponsse Scorpion King)
    And for a machine like that, i kinda need to use both thumb stick to control that type of crane.
    (e.g "gold rush the game" is not a problem, because the excavator is holding still when both thumb stick is used for crane part)

    in FS22 I do guess it just get overwrite because of the order it is listed in?
    So any idea how i can do this, without having it to turn my harvesters wheels on the left thumb stick?

  4. One problem that I’m having with farming that is starting to Fricking piss me off is I’m on PC using a PS4 controller and it’s constantly all by itself will look up or down all the time and I don’t know how to fix it it will open and close doors by itself and I can push the bee button like it asked me to and won’t open my doors

  5. easy fix for pc is when yr in a vehcile a small circular icon set with click points on it for function, so you press middle mouse then click the action, e.g unload/load, lower/rise, attach/detach.

  6. I dont get youre problem i never want to have more than 2 functions per buton i dont get why u whould want to have 3 functions on the same button sure it chould be handy but be honest if u cant bind some extra things to one key its not the end of the world also dont know if youre on pc or console but on pc we have a whole key board to bind and organize like we want to and honestly i need the key board if i want to use things like autoload platforms honestly iam more interested in if the control panel works and suchs not if u cant bind extra actions under one button sorry bro for that bud i do like the video sow no worry's also dont mind my English it inst great and i sow bad add the grammer part sow hopefully u understand it

  7. Question. Do you know why my reverse in automatic won't work? All other games when I hold down the brake pedal in automatic, I can go in reverse. But in FS22 when I hold it down to reverse it won't work. Help?
    (Also, so you know. I'm on a Logitech G920)

  8. But thers a Much more anoying Problem that if you unplug the gamepad it resets the Controls to default. This anoy realy if you have a Steeringweel and an joystick and want to combid them because the Farming Simulator will put them all on default were the funktions for all are on both.

  9. There are a lot of scenarios where you have to, as you said, "lick your left nipple" to perform two or three successive and complimentary actions. Controllers appear to have barely even been considered for this game. I'll be spending some time with ReWASD for this one.

  10. I hate the fact that it takes multiple movements of my arm like im fucking swimming for my life just to move the loaders controls. On the PC.
    They need just Lift up/down attachment, Turn on or off. left click for open attachment jaws, right click for close, both buttons to tilt. '
    ITs way to over complicated and annoying to play the game sadly.

  11. You have to make sure that you have the proper tool selected when trying to control it. You had The crane selected when you were trying to control the front loader. I’m guessing this will help sort out some of your issues

  12. Must admit the controller options are weird and sparse…
    I would like the game to recognise ANY type of controller i have connected to my pc.
    For example i have a flight sim yoke connected to my pc (which FarmSim 22 recognises "Alpha yoke" ) ..but i can't bind any keys ..why would it show in the ingame settings and not let me bind anything? ..
    Like you mentioned ..i would need a plethora of controllers and a 15 ft wide desk!

  13. This is a matter of them trying to make a few controls work for everything. It really is not a one size fits all situation. Players on console could not play the game (not that they really can now) with seperate controls for everything, but pc players are frustrated by the limitations set by the devs trying to make it work for everyone.


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