Grimme Equipment Pack First Look | Farming Simulator 19


Grimme Equipment Pack First Look | Farming Simulator 19

Tomorrow we get a new DLC from Giants that every Tater out there will be happy to have. Its chock full of Potato-ey goodness and ready to help you get started on potatoes even with little tractors.

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  1. So sorry for your loss. I lost my mom 10 years ago. It's been hard, but also unbelievable how quickly time has flown by, while missing her more by the day. I cherish the memories I have and talking with those who knew her. Sometimes the memories bring tears and sometimes they bring laughter. My prayers are with you and all of those who have lost family and friends, especially through this Covid Pandemic.

  2. Sorry for your loss. It happens to be my mums 70th today. I bought FS19 from steam sale about a week ago and I have basics figured out by help of your vids. I even have courseplay running fields without supervision. Now I've been watching these equipment vids because in game it doesn't really explain stuff and I don't wanna buy and check everything myself so thanks for these.

  3. My condolences, Arthur.
    So to the Grimme DLC:
    – It most be the most boring and meaningless waste of money in the history of FS.

  4. Welcome back sorry about your loss, I lost my Dad on November 15 2020 from covid he was 92. He is gone in body but his memory and spirit lives on in our hearts as your Mother dose in you, God bless

  5. I am sorry for your family losing your mom and the kids there real life when you first plant potatoes you want the hill with only about four inches of dirt covering the seed.later after the plants have grown to about two to three inches tall then you start building the hill up a little bit at a time.i am from North Dakota .I use to work on a potatoes farm is how I now this

  6. Sorry for lost you and your family are in my thoughts and I just want to let consoles players know it is available there to I checked the ps4 version this morning and was available to buy for £3.99p

  7. Arthur,
    Kahn & Kreatus covered things very well, but I'm going to add some more here. The windrowers would be like Kahn mentions adding potato's from pair of rows to another pair. This increases the digger performance. Here is a video showing the Grimme windrower in the DLC working with 2 row harvester

    As for storage this video shows how potato's would be stored in a building like the one in the DLC

    You would then use the little ride on conveyor to pull potato's from the pile and run them on to the palletizer or load to a truck

  8. The Collector can have a crew on board to sort while collecting. Throwing out "mutants: irregular shaped potatoes", rotten, or damaged potatoes. Probably directly on the field to be plowed in after the harvest is complete.

  9. The side dump digger is to be used with the rear dump digger with a team of three you can clear 6 rows of potatoes. In a V formation with the rear dump leading, a right side dump on the left, and a left side dump on the right. This will put 6 rows of potatoes in a single pile for the collector to pick up. I suggest using the "Follow Me" mod to control a team of diggers.

  10. Potatoes can be forced into a hibernation state through cooling. Usually around 38 degrees. This halts metabolic activity. This allows potatoes to be stored for up to a year and a half barring anything like mold or pests from spreading. It also helps to keep them in a dark environment as well as it simulates being underground during winter. This can also be used in homes for potato storage. Keep potatoes in a black non-transparent bag at the bottom of your fridge. The cold will discourage metabolic activity and overall simulate a hibernative state. (Information learned working on a potato farm)

  11. I’m sooo sorry for your loss man :/ I lost mine 3yrs ago I’ll keep your family in my thoughts for healing vibes


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