This video will give you everything you need to know about the trailer fill limit setting in Farming Simulator 22.

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  1. Thanks, I was just playing with that and love the setting – however yes stone is heavier than corn, but is there anywhere to know what weight each crop / product is ?

  2. Something I noticed about trailer limits is going downhill with a fully loaded trailer vs one filled to weight capacity, with trailer limits set my trucks don't slide uncontrolled going down steep grades.

  3. So the best multi load trailer is the Strautmann Aperion or the Krone GX?
    The best overall stats and price wise is the Strautmann. It holds a bit more for less money even. The Krone just can add a "cover" which you even have to pay extra again.

    In my head it is simply the brand name which you pay extra for, even if it is a lot less bang for your buck.
    The Strautmann Aperion 3401 holds like 52.000l and 23,8t for $90.500 while the Krone GX520 holds also 52.000l but only 22.5t for $119.000
    Even without the max load setting the Strautmann is the better pick it seems.

  4. Thanks for the explanation, you should still be able to fill it up to the max. Most farmers do. You use it until it breaks. I have seen a farmer use a grain truck, and fill it to the top with soil. And it wasn't an old dump truck either. It would be better if it lets you know where the max is, but then you can keep going if you want. possibly causing more wear and tear on it, but also making it tip over easier, and also possibly not being able to dump it.

  5. As a trucker the idea is nice but it's actually pretty common to overload those type of trailers as it's no easy to eyeball and well it's only a issue if you actually drove on the roadways or if the trailer collapses. So to make it realistic it should give you the option to overload with a 2x damage to trailer causing it to need more repairs and maintenance twice as often.

  6. Crops don't have different weight or mass, they have different DENSITY – mass/volume. What we need is a density chart for all crops. Perhaps buying a high volume trailer with a low to medium weight is fine, if you plan to be hauling low density crops. Some trailers for the price have low to medium volumes, but high mass limits – therefore these would be much better suited for high desnity crops…like rocks, lol.

  7. I like the idea of this setting for the realism but it isn't practical to use when the UI currently only shows real-time fill capacity in Volume (Liters) and only gives you indication once you've reached the max weight limit (kilograms). I would leave it on if the UI also showed real-time weight. Although that does gives us a use for the weigh stations.

  8. I love this feature! I drove for a quarry a couple years ago, and you have big huge trailers for lighter, bulky loads, and relatively small trailers for heavy, dense product types. It just feels good to see that much detail put into it all!

  9. so in the real world you wouldn't put more weight then the trailer can hold, um ok. Guess most farmers didn't get that memo. Good video FC! Think it would have been more realistic if it warned you at the limit and then lets you decide.

  10. An even more realistic feature I would like is, trailer OVERLOADING, so you have to pay attention to loading and maybe instead of clicking to refill, you choose a type such as wheat and gold a button to unload it this would also enable combines to have to click a button to unload instead of the auto unload

  11. It’s weird that a trailer designed specifically for holding manure, can’t load completely full because the weight limit has been reached.
    Like come on, it’s made for manure… so why can’t it load completely full with manure???

  12. I feel this would be handy once I start using autodrive routes set up for the workers to unload and fill things like silos. Right now tho I'm still just having fun doing it as a one man Farm.

  13. Could this setting perhaps cause the glitch where the Deutz starting harvester won't dump grains like oat into the Krampe semi trailer, even though the trailer is empty ? Could be a different problem, but just wondering, i am on xbox one.


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