HARVESTING & ECONOMICS – Precision Farming DLC – Farming Simulator 19


This is a guide to give you the knowledge you need to handle the new precision farming DLC. In this part of the series we will go over harvesting and the economics screen. Enjoy!

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  1. Huge fan of your videos. I've been sim racing for about 6 years. I got farm simulator 19 a couple of months ago when it was free on the PlayStation store. I never played again much when I first bought but now I have decided to play it and I can't stop playing. Your tutorials are very helpful and informative and currently watching some of your gameplay series like no man's land and enjoying the content

  2. Great video, it looks like you took a hit on the yield due to the fact that you didn't plow your field. If you turn plowing off you would still need to plow after that first time same with lime. But either way Great video.

  3. Hi FC (FYI) according to the help section of the game one should use Slurry or manure before sowing and mineral or liquid fert after sowing. So very interesting on how you went about it and the results. I think there would be a difference. I've got to try this to settle my brain.

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  5. Great Video Tks!. One question: if you change the dimention (Ha) of the field (by adding land to the field for example), the values in the economics analisys changes?

  6. What about if you make or add to a field with a plow? Was there also something about using muck spreader or slurry before planting and mineral or liquid fertilizer after planting


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