How to Use the Build Mode | Farming Simulator 22 Tutorial


The build mode in FS22 is new and improved, but it can still be costly if you make a mistake. This tutorial will give you tips on how to build a farm and place buildings like a pro – and how to delete the buildings you don’t want!

0:00 Overview
0:39 Choosing land and opening Build Mode
1:11 Build Mode controls and basics
2:12 Placing buildings
3:34 Decoration and building fences
4:16 Ground painting and placing plants
5:24 Landscaping and ground sculpting
7:12 How to demolish buildings

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  1. Is there a option to turn bunker silo’s 360 degrees? I only can do 90 degrees at the time but then its not stright with the rest of my builds. Does someone know a way of doing 360 spinning with a bunker silo?

  2. Hi. Thanks for this video. Can I landscape on a field that has been cultivated but not seeded yet? I want to landscape and them place an animal pen on it? I tried landscaping on a field that was cultivated but the landscaping mode wouldn't work. Is there something that I'm doing wrong?

  3. My problem I am having is that some pieces will not demolish. I have had several gates and other stuff that will not demolish once placed! I have to save before I start building in case this happens and it’s frustrating!

  4. I have the game on PC and to acess the building menu is ridiculous! You must press "esc", then open the map, search the shop and walk there and press the "r" key once at the door. There you must search for the building menu that pops up at shop you are, not in your house, that means you must search the map down for your terrain…I hope there's a shortcut to this all, personally I find it hard access!

  5. The problem I have been having his that the farmhouses horribly deformed whatever terrain I place them on.

    For example I wanted to play on the Alps map and can I place the farmhouse in the exact same location as for the easy start without deforming the terrain around it.


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