HOW TO USE THE MERIDIAN SILOS – Farming Simulator 22


This video will show you how to use the in game Meridian Branded silos.

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  1. Short, informative, straight to the point without any unnecessary information. This man knows how to make a good tutorial video lol. Great job man, thanks for the video and help with how to use these awesome silos.

  2. I have the silo where you can buy grain and stuff from it and it won’t unload into my trailer. Is it a problem with the trailer? Silo? I spent a good chunk of money just to not be able to use it

  3. This is awesome. The same style we have at work. Don't have 22 yet but I will soon I work at seed processing plant retreating clean seed and that's we use pumps like that all the time it definitely makes me want to get the game for sure now just because of that

  4. Thanks you very much for this video farmer cop! I see what I was doing wrong when I tried it before, I had a bottom unloading semi trailer and it wouldn’t show the unload trigger and it was impossible to line up with the convey all auger so it would just unload on the ground and make a mess! But with trailers that unload from the back like the one in your video it works great!! ?

  5. This is soooo good. A tip — when loading into a trailer with an auger, try to keep the angle of the auger down so it’s just above what you’re filling. IRL you do this to avoid wind blowing grain or other granules/dust all over the farm. Shouldn’t make a difference in game, but if you’re choosing this option for added realism, that’s another thing to consider.


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