HUGE NEWS | Bought Land and A New Shop | Farming Simulator 19 Mods


CountrySide Youtube Channel



  1. So when I seen the new upload I’m thinking did Kenny win the lotto, rob a bank or have a rich relative die and then I’m thinking no he’s as poor as I am, you had us wondering for sure! It sure would be nice to have all that my friend and Randy as a renter ???? but until then keep living the dream!!!

  2. Ok Mr. Money Bags, I would think you would be able to afford some lube spray for the squeaky door hinges. I am thinking about expanding out to the States in your area. I will take the other corner of your lot. I see that you are making room already by getting rid of Randy's trucks. Thanks Ken. Nice John Deere toy tractor in your office. Great video, congratulations and Happy New Year!


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